Cryptocurrency mining has become as divisive as any activity can get. Those in favor point to the economic value created while those against cite the power consumed and the possible effect on the environment. For one city in the state of New York, the best way to incorporate both sides is by formulating tough laws for the crypto miners. Plattsburgh has scheduled a public hearing slated for October 25 where some of the regulations proposed by one of the councilors at a meeting of the common council will be discussed. The regulations contain requirements for fire safety, heat dissipation and containment space.

Toughening Up

The crypto mining process has evolved from the simple activity which one could take part in from his personal computer to a multibillion dollar industry in which large mining firms have been set up all around the world. China has been the undisputed king of crypto mining, at one point being reported to control over 75 percent of the mining. However, other areas with favorable weather and cheap electricity have attracted the crypto miners, and one of them has finally decided to toughen its regulations on the industry to protect the environment as well as the local citizens.

As revealed by a post on its official website, the city shall require all crypto mining firms to have in place a fire protection system maintained in good condition as well as highly sensitive smoke detectors. The firms must also have an emergency electricity termination switch which must be installed outside any containment structure.

The firms must have all the equipment housed in metal-encased structures which can withstand          an internal electric fire for at least 30 minutes. The city also requires that all the structures be designed by a New York State licensed engineer.

The heat generated by the firms has been one of the biggest challenges to address, and the city has a plan for that as well. According to the proposed regulations, the temperature inside a mining firm must not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit at any one time. Moreover, no person shall be allowed to work in a firm in which the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The firms must also ensure that “no more than 20% of the heat dissipated by the mining activity shall be released directly to the outside when the average daily temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The firms must also ensure that they don’t have detrimental effects to the adjoining residents which can “diminish the quality of life or increase the costs of serving their business or maintaining their homes.” They must also check on the noises produced, with the council proposing 90 decibels as the maximum level.

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