Matt Liston, formerly of Augur, has not had the best stint in the cryptocurrency industry but believes his luck is about to change. Days after filing a civil lawsuit against his former employer which could see him bag over USD $150 million if he wins, he has decided to start what many are calling a “Crypto Cult.” Amidst his lawsuit and conflicts with Augur, the 26-year-old developer has had a re-think. In his time at Augur, the company was able to raise over $5 million in its ICO, one of the many accomplishments he claims he was not acknowledged for. In addition, he also alleges that he was forced out of the company he helped found due to technological and commercial differences.

His religion is called 0xΩ; Zero ex Omega which in essence will be a blockchain religion. The blockchain will be run on the Ethereum platform which will incorporate smart contracts and consensus. This will allow for donations which is a multibillion-dollar industry. According to Giving USA, in 2017 alone there was an estimated USD $390 billion in donations. The technology will allow for a revolutionary way of making donations which will be faster, secure and transparent.

The blockchain religion was launched on May 19 during an event held at the New Museum in New York and hosted by the Rhizome arts group. During the event, Matt Liston outlined the fundamentals of what he envisions for his newly found religion. To kick off, he handed out 40 hard copies of what he calls “Flame Paper” which outlines how 0xΩ will function.

“It’s a religious framework that could allow for belief sets to update much more quickly and also to democratize the relationship between membership and convergence on what everyone believes in this religion,” said Liston.

The 0xΩ religion will draw inspiration from traditional religion function, placing it on a more advance blockchain platform and making it one of the most revolutionary and disruptive creations.

In the event, Matt Liston also outlined a few designs that will make the religion far more revolutionary than anything in its class. First, he outlined how to create what he called “Totems,” which will be the first sacred artifacts created by faithfuls. He also went on to talk about the “Dogewhal” statue which was designed by Avery Singer, an artist and a supporter of the 0xΩ religion.

Avery Singer says she was attracted to the religion as it is decentralized and democratic which lacks in traditional religion. She is quoted by Forbes saying, “In this religion, the people participating and involved could essentially vote and continuously change the structure and nature of it. The event held was part of a larger exhibition where Matt Liston is expected to break down further on his newly found religion.”

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