Internet and Advertising

The internet has penetrated every aspect of our life and is bringing about a massive shift in the way things are done. Internet now, plays a huge role in the development of new business as advertising has a far wider reach online. According to statistics, advertising had become a USD $158 billion dollar industry by 2016. Online advertising has a much deeper impact on customers since they are viewed by interested audiences online, rather than by everyone through the traditional mediums. While the cost of online advertisement is much lower, lot of it does not reach its targeted audience. Users either block or skip advertisements which they do not want to watch. In order to increase the efficiency of online advertising, a platform is needed where advertisers are investors and viewers are rewarded for watching the advertisements.

AdMine – Revolutionizing Online Advertising

AdMine is developing a platform where viewers are rewarded for viewing ads online, evaluating product quality, providing personal data for analytical services, passing marketing quests and testing games. With the earned cryptocurrency, the viewers can buy goods online, transfer them to their bank accounts or even convert them into other cryptocurrencies. Rewarding users will motivate them to watch ads and inform market about their personal information. In a way, interests of viewers and investors would become united, as the users will be shown only those ads which they are interested in, based on personal information. This practice will eliminate unecessary demonstrations and will also save money.

The integration of blockchain and smart contracts technology will help secure anonymity on the network when receiving personal advertising suggestions and also sharing personal data.

  • Advantages of AdMine :
  • Beneficial not only for advertisers but also viewers.
  • No mediators are involved, a completely transparent system.
  • Anonymity of viewer is maintained
  • Effective advertising strategy as only the relevant advertisement is shown to the viewer.

Additionally, AdMine will have an embedded system of chats and service desk, whereby users will be able to exchange messages and make suggestions regarding an improvement or resolve any conflict.

For Users

Users will be able to create a card of favorite brands and also discover new unknown brands. They will also be able to participate in campaigns, earn discounts, and buy products using their earned cryptocurrency. On the AdMine network, users will become preferred audience of the advertisers by providing additional personal information and earn money.

For Advertisers

Advertisers of any kind, beginners or experienced will able to use the platform. They will get to choose any kind of ad campaign like demonstration to users, survey, program testing etc. Brands will also be able to find their ranking among other brands by means of subscriptions. Additionally, AdMine will also enable the advertisers to choose their target audience via questionnaire parameters, location or other available characteristics.

The cryptocurrency used for AdMine will be MediaCoin. This token is based on the Ethereum smart contracts technology adhering to the ECR20 standard.

Types of Advertising Campaigns in the System:

  • Content demonstration in the form of banner, text or native advertisement.
  • Video display.
  • Implementation of marketing tasks.
  • Product or service testing.
  • Evaluation of the products and service quality.
  • Banner inside mobile application.
  • Video inside mobile application.


The online advertising industry has a huge untapped potential. Rewarding the audience to view ads while showing them the ads which they are interested in, is definitely going to increase the viewership. Blockchain and smart contracts technology will assure the anonymity of the user while they share their personal information with advertisers. MediaCoin(MCN), the token generated by AdMine will not only be used to reward the users but could also be used in many different ways like buying products online, exchanging it for another cryptocurrency or just for savings. AdMine is aiming to create an ecosystem providing favorable conditions for advertisers and viewers to co-exist in a mutually beneficial environment.

ICO Details

Token Name: MediaCoin

Token symbol: MCN

Number of Tokens to be Issued: 100 000 000

Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH

Pre-ICO Sale: 18th Dec 2017- 11th Mar 2018

ICO Sale: 19th Mar2018 – 20th Apr 2018

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