Apereum, Inc. hosts Transference Dinner that brought luminaries, businesses and individuals in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space together for a powerful networking experience.

DATE – LAS VEGAS, NV – On November 1st, 2018, start-up consultancy Apereum, Inc. sponsored and hosted a private dinner for investors in an effort to bring together the brightest minds in and out of the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.

At the Transference Dinner, blockchain companies networked with each other — as well as with representatives from other industries that have yet to be exposed to the crypto space. The event was packed full of luminaries and heavyweights, such as Michael Terpin, Jack Brewer, Austin Davis, Matt King, Johnny O’Hara and renowned journalist Ben Swann.

“It was a pleasure being able to host a productive dinner that brought together many like-minded people,” said Patrick J. Devereaux, Partner at Apereum. “There are so many companies doing new and interesting things with blockchain technology — when you get a bunch of them in a room together, it’s amazing to see just what’s coming down the pipeline.”

Manshu Agarwal, CEO of smart contract-based referral app Ponder — the primary sponsor of the dinner — spoke to the success of the event. “The Transference Dinner was a real treat. Both the food and the company were top-notch. Stories were told, laughs were exchanged, and deals were done.”

Apereum, Inc. would like to thank the sponsors that helped make the event happen and recognize their contributions.

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Neil Chandran
CEO of Freevi

Alyze Sam

Veronica Welch
VEW Medai

Rima Kapoor
Crypto Investment Consulting

Apereum, Inc. is a start-up consultancy that focuses on providing high level accounting, compliance, legal and business development consultancy services.

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