Binance, one of the world’s largest firms in the crypto market today, has launched a new educational platform for institutional grade research. The research wing has two primary goals: one is to enhance transparency and the second one is to provide high-quality information which would bring positive impacts to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. According to the announcement, the exchange will soon release the in-depth details of the specific cryptocurrency related project.

Dedicated to transparency

The reports will be published on a regular basis with the exchange hoping that it will be able to cover the top quality projects in the industry today. To increase accountability, the new research division will continue to oversee the already existing projects and also release periodic updates. This will enable it to make comprehensive reports on all ongoing projects. The exchange also says that the reports published will be fair and unbiased to provide a reliable source of credible information.

“The research reports will show the level of transparency that we want to publicize for the investors.  We are confident that the reports will raise the transparency expectations and standard required in the industry, and also provide the public with an insight into the authenticity of every project,”.

The Binance division has already completed two in-depth reports which are devoted to supporting the decentralized blockchain and smart contracts, and also provide a scaling solution for Ethereum.  The initiative will also educate the public about the do’s, and the don’ts of the cryptocurrency industry. This will include both the fundamental and advanced topics such as cryptocurrency security and blockchain applications best practices. Other features will also include a glossary which will provide explanations for the many jargons in the blockchain industry.

This is not the first time that the exchange has taken steps towards increasing transparency. In October this year, Binance announced that it would come up with a fee structure for its cryptocurrency projects listings. It stated that it would donate all the proceeds it receives from the listing fees for charity purpose.  Binance also allowed the blockchain projects to plan how much they would donate.

Founded in 2014, Binance is currently the largest digital asset exchange regarding the daily traded volume. The exchange has been gradually expanding its operations by working with different companies and nations to create more cryptocurrency awareness. For instance, it launched a private beta testing in Singapore with the aim of supporting the local Singapore dollar.

The newly launched research wing is just another phase of the exchange’s plans to expand its business operations globally, considering that the Binance CEO Changepeng Zhao revealed in September that the exchange would launch five to ten exchanges in five continents.

Binance research is the third education-related initiative that the exchange has launched this year. It launched Binance Info in February, and also launched Binance Academy in August to enhance blockchain and digital assets education.

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