It has been a heated battle that has left its fair share of casualties. The supremacy battle between the two forks of Bitcoin Cash is by no means over, but one camp seems to be winning the majority of the support. This is Bitcoin Cash ABC, the client that was supported by Roger Ver, as well as ASIC manufacturer Bitmain. ABC has been getting support from the overall crypto community as well, with some major exchanges officially awarding it the title of the Bitcoin Cash. This has done little to deter Bitcoin Cash SV, the other chain from the fork which has been accumulating blocks at a faster rate and is now only one block behind.

Who Is The Real Bitcoin Cash

When Roger Ver and others disagreed on the future of Bitcoin last year, they decided to fork away into Bitcoin Cash. This angered some Bitcoin maximalists but got the support of quite a sizable chunk of the community. Right now, the same community that was the result of a fork is finding out just how much of a battle fork s are, quite ironically so.

Despite the supremacy battle battering the price of both sides, ABC seems to be coming out of it as the winner, at least for now. This was expected as even before the fork, some influential entities in the crypto community had already pledged their support. They included Jihan Wu, the CEO of the world’s largest ASIC manufacturer Bitmain as well as from some major exchanges. ABC’s case was made even stronger by the fact that SV is led by Craig Wright, a character that even Vitalik Buterin disapproves of.

After the fork, ABC took off and it hasn’t looked back since. Currently, ABC has already been unofficially branded as the winner by many. They include some popular exchanges such as Kraken, Bittrex and Coinex. These exchanges have even changes the BCHABC price moniker assigned after the fork and renamed it to just BCH, indicating that ABC is the official Bitcoin Cash client.

Coin Dance, an analytics website that is dedicated to the fork has also joined the bandwagon and has renamed ABC to Bitcoin Cash. As seen on its website, it states that Bitcoin Cash is ahead by 38.5 percent on proof of work. This refers to ABC’s lead. This is despite SV having tagged at ABC’s toes since the fork and currently being just one block behind.

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