Bitcoin Price Exploded in 25-Month Bull Rage the Last Time This Happened

By CCN: According to technical analyst Josh Rager, the 3-day Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) on the bitcoin price trend has turned green following bitcoin’s recent rally. The last time this technical indicator signaled a change in trend, it led to a 25-month bull run. Source: CCN

Binance Sees ‘All-Time Traffic High’ Amid Bitcoin Boom, A Sign Of Returning Interest?

The crypto market has experienced a zany past 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) popped up by 8%, as per CoinMarketCap, and most other digital assets posted strong gains. With this recent move, “cryptocurrency” has graced mainstream media headlines and money has begun to flood back into this space.

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What’s more, Binance, one of the largest digital asset exchanges, purportedly (according to chief executive Changpeng Zhao) saw a system traffic all-time high, “by far”. Considering that the cryptocurrency industry is barely out of a “crypto winter”, and the market is still 70% down from its all-time highs, this fact is jaw-dropping. Source:



A large number of traders and investors would have said that the Bitcoin bull market was confirmed when BTC price surged to $8k two weeks ago. Zooming out to the one year chart shows signs of a recovery, and two technical indicators have just suggested that things have finally turned around for the longer term. Source: