In the past 36 hours, the cryptocurrency market was ‘very bearish’. The market cap dropped by -9.49%. At the time of writing this article, the losses of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: BTC (-9.03%), XRP (-3.81%), ETH (-12.7%), XLM (-9.67%), BCH (-9.76%), EOS (-11.24%), LTC (-12.53%), USDT (-0.22%), ADA (-14.23%), and XMR (-15.65%).


This week started with a shock to the crypto enthusiasts as the market continues to drop. This includes the drop of the two major cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin has dropped back to $5,320, whereas the Ethereum has dropped below $160, its lowest since July 2017. Ethereum has lost over eleven percent in the past 12 hours. (Source: ETHEREUM WORLD NEWS)


In order to fight fraud related to forging of educational degrees, the Malaysian Ministry of Education is utilizing Blockchain technology to maintain the reputation and integrity of the Southeast Asian country’s universities. The ministry recently announced a new issuance and verification system on the NEM Blockchain known as e-Scroll system for the Malaysian universities. (Source: TWITTER)


One of the renowned crypto analysts – Mr. Tom Lee forecasted that the Bitcoin will reach USD 15,000 this year. Less than a month ago, Tom was convinced that the Bitcoin could still surpass USD 20,000. (Source: CRYPTO NEWS)


After Government, universities, and technology giants, the latest target of crypto hackers is a US-based charitable organization known as Make-A-Wish Foundation. The hackers infected the site with a malware that steals computing energy to covertly mine cryptocurrency. (Source: TRUSTWARE)


Nexalogy Environics Inc, a subsidiary owned by the company Datametrex AI Limited, recently announced successful development of a Fake News detection filter. The NexaIntelligence engine was updated to include automated detection of suspicious news source on social media. (Source: THE BLOCKCHAIN)


Russia’s major NGO – Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) announced a new Blockchain-powered financial platform for intellectual property-secured loans. The platform is set to release in the first quarter of 2019. (Source: TASS)


KEPCO – Korea’s largest power provider said that it will utilize Blockchain and other innovative energy solutions to develop its next-generation microgrid (MG) to improve energy infrastructure. (Source: COINTELEGRAPH)


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