This week, the market remain on the bearish side and mostly there was a drop in the market cap. But apart from that, there are some interesting news from this week that you should know to stay updated with crypto verse.


  1. The accounting giant KPMG said, though Bitcoin is not a true form of currency yet, it is capable of creating a new world of finance in the future.


  1. To enhance the traceability and transparency of the rice supply, the global charity organization – Oxfam has launched a new platform powered by Blockchain technology named as ‘BlocRice’.


  1. A study by Mr. Steven Huckle – a Ph.D. Researcher in Blockchain Technologies at the University of Sussex stated that Bitcoin’s high energy usage could be a risk worth taking.


  1. Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Singapore’s central bank – The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) recently announced the successful development of an automated method for the bargaining of digital assets on the different Blockchain platforms.


  1. A new Blockchain phone is recently launched by the company Sirin Labs. The phone is named as ‘Finney’ and works on a special operating system called ‘Sirin OS.’ Also, IBM and Telefónica (a major Spanish telecommunications firm) have joined hands to use Blockchain technology for the management of international mobile phone calls.


  1. ‘Solaris Commodities’ and the Swiss-based ‘Transoil International’ conducted a transaction powered by Blockchain technology between the two firms Black Sea Wheat and S&P Global via the Blockchain powered platform Cerealia.


  1. According to a recent announcement, David Haymer of the University of Hawaii has joined the Blockchain genetics company – DNAtix, as one of its board of advisors.


  1. On 14th November, eight men were arrested by Tokyo authorities for taking part in Bitcoin-related scheme that reportedly gathered 8 billion Japanese Yen or US$ 68.42 million worth of digital assets and fiat currency combined.


  1. Brad Garlinghouse recently commented on the importance of regulation in the tech sector. He said that introducing regulation will lead to cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology adoption.


  1. A new fees was introduced by the exchange – Bitfinex, from now on there will be a 3% charge on the customers who have made more than two fiat withdrawals in a time period of 30 days.

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