The advent of Blockchain and the decentralization concept might introduce a better and more effective next generation of Online Advertising.

There is a semblance of monopoly that exists in the world of Online advertising.

This monopoly sees big companies like Facebook and Google absorb majority of the revenue while the original content creators are left with nothing to show for their efforts.

Considering the huge market size of the advertising industry, one would expect a more even distribution of reward and revenue among key participators. However, the actual reflection of things reveals and unbalanced ecosystem which is a common characteristic of centralized communities.

The advent of Blockchain and the decentralization concept might introduce a better and more effective next generation of Online Advertising.

A growing industry

The revolution experienced in the internet of information within the past few years, especially in mobile technology is directly linked with the growth experienced in the advertising industry. Statistically, about 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases and mobile commerce makes up 30% of all U.S. ecommerce. Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day, while 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases. In 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.

The above information reflects the inherent potential of online advertising, and explains why the big companies are taking it so seriously by acting as middlemen. The advertising methods of these companies often make their approach less impressive to the general public. For instance, random pop-ups are considered rude and intrusive by a lot of internet users while the fact that they also sell user data to third parties is a privacy concern for a lot of people.

Making advertising kinder

Using blockchain technology, Kind Ads is introducing a more secure, straightforward and decentralized advertising protocol into the ecosystem.

The Kind Ads project is aimed at making advertising more kind and respectful to users of the internet by making ads less intrusive and irritating..

Beyond that, it will also ensure that the real content owners receive their due rewards while middlemen are eliminated.

With Kind Ads blockchain tokenized advertising, publishers will be compensated fairly (and quickly, because a sometimes Ad Network can pay after 60 days) and advertisers won’t have to pay ridiculous fees.

And best of all, the user will also get a piece of the advertising pie by sharing data.

A sustainable disruption

Tokenization became necessary because it is the most appropriate way of personalizing these services while extracting true value independently. This is because human nature would rather appreciate gradual change than abrupt disruption. The Kind Ads solution, rather than introducing an entirely new browser like other innovations before it, would rather simply alter the processes on the existing browsers that users are already accustomed to.

Therefore, the process will be implemented by having a domain rating score which protects advertisers and leveraging newer technology such as push notifications or chatbot.

Advertising can now be done in a way which isn’t as irritating and doesn’t ruin the user experience. Hence a decentralized ad network is created, and by removing the middleman, publishers make more money, advertisers pay more reasonable fees, and users can get compensated by sharing their data.

Who is behind this?

The Kind Ads team have successfully finished a massive round of $20 Million which was held privately. Armed with top of the notch Advisors like digital marketing and online advertising guru Neil Patel the project aims to issue the Alpha quickly and take the Online Advertising world by a storm. It’s likely that you will hear a lot about Kind Ads in 2018.

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