As far as the games go, there were over a dozen heartwarming events.

This year’s Winter Olympics were filled with some incredible moments. On a geopolitical level, the opening ceremony saw Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, shake hand with South Korean president Moon Jae-In during the opening ceremonies. Though by no means an official end to the Korean War–which is technically still in an armistice–this handshake is an important diplomatic step. At least for the Olympics, the two teams were at peace.

As far as the games go, there were over a dozen heartwarming events. In what was perhaps his final Olympic halfpipe run, Shaun White pulled off an amazing run to secure a gold medal, after finishing off of the podium in the 2014 Sochi games. Chloe Kim, at just 17 years old, secured her first Olympic gold and warmed her way into the world’s heart. And last, but certainly not least, the US women’s hockey team beat their arch rival Canada in the gold medal game, breaking a 20 year streak of Canadian dominance. The game was a nail biter, going into overtime and then a shootout, with the US taking the tie breaking round.

However, not all of the hype surrounding this year’s olympics relates to geopolitics or sports. In many ways, this Olympics was one of technological advancements. This particular development involves Canadian speed skater and Olympic gold medalist, Ted-Jam Bloeman. Bloeman recently signed a one year deal with CEEK, a virtual reality platform working on blockchain integration, and ONG Social, a social crypto community. Bloeman wins the gold, so to speak, for being the world’s first “Crypto Sponsored Athlete”, as he is the first professional athlete to receive his winnings in cryptocurrency.

How Will the Partnership Help both CEEK and Bloeman?

The newfound venture with Ted-Jan Bloeman is a bit of a change of direction for CEEK, who has primarily been developing VR concerts for viewers. Now, CEEK’s VR customers will not only be able to go to lifelike concerts, but also experience the Olympics from the viewpoints of the world’s best athletes. In addition, athletes can use the platform to hone and train their skills.

By integrating blockchain technology with VR, CEEK will let celebrities mint custom coins to distribute to their fans. Both musicians and athletes can also create digital goods and virtual tickets for VR events. In doing so, locational barriers will be removed for those who are unable to view events in person. These custom coins, digital goods, and virtual tickets can be traded on decentralized, blockchain based marketplaces. The value of these items will be set by supply and demand, which is a function of the items’ rarity and the creators’ status. In one sense, this allows users to create distributed coins without dealing with the regulatory hurdles of ICOs.

The joint venture will also create financial incentives for celebrities and their followers. For celebrities and content creators, an entirely new fanbase will become available, as will the resulting revenue streams. Athletes can theoretically reach fans in any location that has an internet connection, letting them experience their events through CEEK VR. Fans will also be able to see their favorite athletes’ or musicians “live”, providing them with an unforgettable experience. The decentralized marketplace also offers them an opportunity to collect rare digital goods or act as brokers.

Both parties are very excited about this new business venture. CEEK’s founder and CEO, Mary Spio, recently commented, “Bloemen’s support for cutting-edge technologies is reflective of his proclivity for pushing the boundaries.” Bloeman is also looking forward to his involvement in blockchain technology, saying in a February tweet, “I’m very excited to be the first ever #Crypto Sponsored Athlete. Thanks @CEEK #VirtualReality and @Ong_Social for being at the forefront of technology and this great achievement. Looking forward to a great relationship and the exciting times ahead.”

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