The GetDoIt platform is the first internet portal in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Australia that covers all spheres of services connected with moving. Our service is developed as an intermediate between a Customer and a Service Provider. The GetDoIt platform functions as a mediator between a Customer who needs definite services and a Contractor who provides them.

Our portal covers all services connected with moving: transportation and logistics, assembling of furniture and household appliances, renovation of apartments and houses, repair and maintenance.

The GetDoIt platform is designed to be user-friendly and simple, so that everyone can find services one needs in a short time and for a reasonable price.
Here is the link to our video presentation.

How are you different?

Our project is the first freelance moving house service worldwide that is based on the blockchain technology and covers all spheres connected with moving. Due to this our service is absolutely transparent and secure. Moreover, implementation of smart contracts allows the most processes to be performed automatically, which means high speed and security.

Why will you do well?

In this niche – portal for freelance moving house services by freelancers and companies – there are only several “players” and in such a way we have a low level of competition. We have performed a profound market study using neural network and evaluated worldwide statistic information and will optimize our service according to the market needs.

Where are you based?

We are a team from Germany and Australia. Our company is founded in Australia. One of the reasons why we have chosen “the big island” to begin our start-up, is that it is one of the best developed and future-orientated countries in the world regarding modern technologies and approaches like blockchain-based projects and ICO. We are registered by ASIC, Australian Securities and Investments Commission – financial regulator, the most “up-to-date” one in the world, and will receive its official accreditation. In such a way, our company as well as the crowd funding campaign are completely legal.

When was the company launched?

We came to the idea of creating a user-friendly platform for everyone who needs to move a long time ago. All of us had to face the problem of searching for good moving house companies and associated services with a good price/quality ratio. So we decided to create a platform that will offer all kinds of such services performed by a huge variety of operators, both freelancers and companies, so that people have choice and security!

However, it took its time to go through all the steps of development and legalization of the project. We managed to open the GetDoIt company in February 2018. It was one of the most important milestones for us.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Our product is attractive to a huge spectrum of potential customers – to everyone who is going to move, doesn’t matter if innercity, intercity or to another country.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

The most important component of every project – from the beginning and through all the steps of its development – is the team. Only if the founders are a kind of family, only if they understand and can rely on each other – only then an idea can develop into a successful company. And I am happy and proud of having such a team.

The other point of great importance is not to hurry up, to think over each single step. Only profound knowledge about the matter of business and reasonability, good coordination in the team and careful planning can help you to make your idea come true.

And the last but not the least, for Christ sake, do everything legally! It doesn’t matter what temptations you will face and how much profit different “grey schemes” could bring – on a long-term horizon you will lose. Legal way of founding and performing business is the only one that can lead you to success.

Tell us about your team?

We have known each other for a long time, having met in high school. Our team is much more than just co-workers – we are more a family or an organism in which everybody works together like organs of the body in mutual harmony.

Pavel Topchiy is CEO of the project. It was my idea at the very beginning to create a portal where one can find everything about moving and all connected services easily and for a reasonable price. I have been working for 12 years in online marketing. I have been head of the traffic department at, head of the technical support at, Senior Project Manager at, Senior Bussines Manager at Having collected much experience in the online field I am now fully concentrated on the development of the GetDoIt project.

Sergius Penkow is a second CEO has been working since 2010 working in the sphere of online-marketing business. From 2010 till June 2018, almost from the very beginning,  worked at the partner network admitad LLC. 2016-2018 vice director of the admitad company.

For 8 years Sergius has worked at the partner network admitad LLC, almost from the very beginning of the company. Since 2016 he is a vice director of the admitad company. At the moment, Sergius is involved in GetDoIt being one of the main leaders of our project.

Anton Giss is a Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO). He is a talented software developer at B&W Handelsgesellschaft LLC. Now he developms the GetDoIt project and is also responsible for the IT sphere.

Andriy Fursov is a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He is Master of Science in Biology. Being rather multitasking and multipotential he has experience in organizing and leading international conferences, project management and public work. Andriy worked as head of the interpreters office at the Meditour LLC company and now is a branch office manager being responsible for Dresden city at the medical tourism company in Germany Alva Med LLC.

Elena Topchiy is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She possesses 2 university degrees in economics and commerce, has 3 years’ experience in working as bookkeeper/ transactions officer at bank in Chisinau, has worked at service department for European clients in Dresden for 1.5 years, and as a financial specialist at an agricultural company in Dresden for 1 year.

Eugen Tomaili is a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) of the GetDoIt project. He has been working in the online sector since 2010. Eugen began to work at the admitad LLC in customer support. He has been working at the Dumedia in the traffic purchase and sale department since 2015. He was responsible for the creation of the video advertising network (QbigMedia). During his professional life he has cooperated with following networks: Smartadserver, Matomy, Optimatic, Vertamedia, Yahoo (AOL) etc.

Each one of us possesses broad and multifaceted experience in different fields of business and bring this experience into work on our project.

What are your plans for the future?

The first thing is certainly developing our company further. The plan is that we will launch worldwide, so that everyone has an opportunity to use our service and make moving to a piece of cake. As we are living in a mobile world nowadays, certainly, a mobile app for our platform will be developed. We will also intensively work on our service and add new features, to attract customers and make their life easier

And actually, where does the name of your service come from?

We wanted to create a short name that would appeal to everyone and would stick in the memory, being at the same time informative and energy-filled. Then one of us heard the song “Get Do It” by Echo Boy and sent the others the link to it. And, “click”, we found the best name ever.

How do people get in touch with you?

We can be contacted through the main social networks and platforms like linkedin, telegram or via email or telephone. Here are the links: