A review of the Coinjanitor website, white paper (WP) and encompassing information was conducted by the team from CryptoCentral.io (CC). This process is going to speed up the process of the ICO by becoming officially certified by the CC team, with our stamp of approval.
By being ICO certified, potential investors will have the confidence they need, to know that the ICO information has been studied, and a thorough investigation into the ICO was conducted. By having the stamp of ICO certification, it will give extra credibility to the team, and help build valuable trust amongst the potential investors.

The investigation was conducted with utmost care, and is probably above what an average investor would conduct during a due-diligence investigation. All information from the website, WP, and provided information is taken as true and factual.


As per the website, deadcoins.com, there are 794 coins listed under the full list. It’s a pretty interesting website that lets you view coins that failed due to various reasons, categorizing as follows: Full List, Deceased, Hack, Scam, Parody, and Detailed View. The fact that there are more and more number of failed projects in the crypto space means that lots of investors’ money is being trapped in such coins. This trapped value can serve as a source of growth for cryptocurrency markets if it is freed up. It is important to remember that there are more than 4,500 different cryptocurrencies and only about 1,400 or so are traded on exchanges.

CoinJanitor is one such project that aims to solve these problems by unlocking trapped value in these projects and at the same time create the much-needed public discussion of how best to recycle value from failed projects in the future. This will obviously provide a major relief to the members of the community who had invested in such failed projects, and also to the space as a whole, both in terms of reputation and providing more liquidity for future successful projects.

CoinJanitor aims to achieve this by taking over failed projects and providing the holders of delisted coins with the option of trading them for CoinJanitor (JAN) tokens. Such acquired tokens will be burnt by CoinJanitor while the users are able to sell or trade the JAN tokens.

CoinJanitor further aims to implement a mechanism for the recycling of spent resources back into future projects.

White Paper Review

The WP reviewed was CoinJanitor, Whitepaper Version 5 published March 2018.

No information or consideration will be given concerning grammar or spelling, unless it is extreme.

White Paper is one of the most important aspects of an ICO. An effective White Paper should provide all the commercial, technological and financial details of the new coin offering in a clear, concise and professional manner. Considering the fact that all investors do not have technological prowess, all the relevant information should be put across in an easy to understand format. The idea is to provide a comprehensive, yet easy to understand document, that would convince the potential investor to go ahead and invest in the project.

The WP for CoinJanitor is easy to read, and does an excellent job describing the concept of the project. The document is quite comprehensive in terms of describing the problems and the solutions the project aims to deliver. The description of dead coins, target coins, economics behind the methodology etc are all well covered.

However, there are some key sections missing in the WP. These include, team’s social media profile links such Linked In (they are present on the website, better to provide on the WP as well), company incorporation / legal information, and internal forecast models.

Adding sections regarding the legal incorporation of the business is extremely important. It gives the potential investors the needed assurance about the company. Since JAN token is a utility token, it is advised that you provide more details about the functions of the JAN tokens, other than just for transferring value out of dead coins. Providing a financial forecast of the JAN token will also instil extra confidence in the potential investors.

The WP for the project needs to be a one stop shop for all things related to CoinJanitor. The WP is essentially the complete guide to what the project, team, and technology is. After reading the WP a potential investor should be able to understand all the basic concepts of the project.

It is especially important to use graphs when explaining difficult concepts to the reader. After reading about the general flow of the project and then seeing the graphs and figures, the readers will better understand how the process works. To this effect, it is advised that you insert some easy to understand graphs and charts for depicting the processes, procedures etc.

Business Key Products

The CoinJanitor platform is building an important eco system for the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Since the space is still in its infancy, and is obviously experiencing growing pains, there is a serious need for an eco-system that rehabilitates dead projects and provides an opportunity for investors to regain their lost investments. This obviously will increase liquidity for more successful projects in the future.

The CoinJanitor ecosystem aims to restore value by salvaging the assets of such dead coins or projects. These assets are the codebases, marketing assets and importantly the communities behind the projects. The amalgamation of communities will concentrate those isolated assets and in the process help restore some of their value while helping CoinJanitor to grow. As the JAN token will be tradeable on various exchanges, this will provide the holders of the dead coins to transfer the value back in to the market by trading their newly acquired JAN tokens. This could also add value to other cryptocurrencies that are held by users of dead coins while the growing community of CoinJanitor should also prop up the price of the JAN token. The acquisition of marketing assets and codebases from such dead coins could also be usefully deployed into other projects.

Importantly, the team at CoinJanitor plans to curate the code and organize it in repositories to form a “blockchain library”. Through continuous research, the team intends on learning more about this code so as to be able to build useful tools which could be offered to the CoinJanitor community. This will allow the team at CoinJanitor to analyse data from the transactions of such chains. This could help in studying coin failure and eventually produce market analysis tools, which could further be applied to projects that are not dead yet but possibly heading that way. Development of such tools will add tremendous value to the CoinJanitor ecosystem.

Considering the above mentioned value proposition, the holders of such dead coins might be incentivized to hold JAN tokens for value appreciation rather than immediately converting them to another cryptocurrency since they are going to get only a fraction of their initial investment back swapping dead coins for JAN tokens. Atleast, by being invested in JAN tokens they would potentially be entering at the very beginning of the ecosystem with more upside than a more established crypto asset.

Team Review

The section with the information about the Team is extremely important. Potential investors are always looking out for ground breaking projects and concepts to invest into, however the project is always as good as the team and its ability to rough out the challenges that come with launching a project from scratch. The teams past experiences and abilities are crucial in this context as this is the information potential investors are interested in. Hence, it is essential that the team information is accurate, up to date, and all information is readily available.

An in-depth review of the team was conducted in order to identify any potential weakness in the presentation or areas of concern. Investors will want to see that the team has the past experience, and strategic partnerships in order to fulfill the promises in the WP, and deliver on the milestones set forth in the road map.

As per the information available on the website, the CoinJanitor’s team consists of 6 Core members, plus 12 advisors. The core team seems to have the necessary experience and skills to implement a project of this magnitude. There is not much information available about the advisors / supporters on the website or the WP

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to highlight the strengths and past experiences that the team brings to the project. In this regard, it is suggested that the team’s brief profile is provided on the website other than providing the LinkedIn links. This brief profile should provide information about the experience relevant to the project and also list some key strengths. This provides immense confidence to the investors who are investing in the team at this stage rather than the project. Same applies for the advisors / supporters.

The team’s LinkedIn profiles are provided on the website, however, having the team’s relevant profile readily available on the website will only provide better results.

Also, one important area of the advisor team that is missing is the Legal counsel.

Website and Social Media Review

During the preparation of this report, the CoinJanitor website was visited and reviewed on April 29th, 2018.

Website is another critical component in the launching of a successful ICO. A smooth and professional website is key, as this is the first landing space for a potential investor to start with the due diligence process. Think of the website as the space for interaction between the investor and the company. It should be visually up to par in representing the company’s vision, goals, while building a solid connect between the two.

The CoinJanitor website has a very clean, quirky and professional look to it. The website flows and manoeuvres smoothly and the links to the ICO and token sale are available right in the middle of the landing page. The contribution tab is available right under the information of the token sale contributions and alongside, tabs for pitch document and whitepaper are available for digging deeper in to the ICO’s details.

The how it works, benefits, team, token distribution, bounty, roadmap and FAQs tabs are available at the top of the landing page. There are loads of other useful resources such as partners’ names and logos, media partners’ names and logos, news section and more.

However, it is suggested that the company also provide a section with details about the company’s legal retainer. In the current environment of the crypto space, it is imperative to show that the team values legal compliance as a top priority. Also, it is advisable to provide information about the company incorporation on the website.

For an ICO to be successful, the project needs to have solid support from the crypto community. During the making of this report, all the social media links were reviewed. The social media presence is pretty good as all the platforms have been activated with relevant information. The Bitcoin talk has content and engagement which is a very good sign for the project.

The project’s Telegram group was viewed as well, and the number of members were found to be 1.3k+ with a good level of community interaction. It obviously should move up to much higher in terms of numbers and interactions, especially towards the latter stages of the token sale. Overall, the social media engagement has been well managed.

A google search for “coinjanitor” shows that the website and information regarding the website is well optimized as the website is the top hit. All of the relevant information came up, and is easily distinguishable.

SWOT Analysis


CoinJanitor has a strong team with a solid team of advisors. It’s another strength is the fact that CoinJanitor is a community-driven project that aims to unlock value trapped in failed coins.

Considering the current situation related to failed projects, the community should be more than willing to support the project as it will add value back to the space and in turn, potentially provide good returns to early backers of the project.


The JAN token will be a utility token. There might not be complete clarity at the current time regarding the usage of tokens other than for transferring value out of dead coins. This could lead to a situation where there is not enough usage and support for the token by the community, which could put CoinJanitor itself in a situation similar to that of the projects it is aiming to help.


There is a serious problem of very high rate of failure in the crypto space. This provides a solid opportunity for CoinJanitor to create a useful solution and establish itself as a first mover in this space. There is also the potential of creating various useful tools for the community while building this ecosystem, that go way beyond than just extracting value out of dead coins.


First mover advantage often is a double edged sword, since the project is first of its kind, there are no real benchmarks or examples to follow for successful implementation. Additionally, there could be the danger of lack of adoption of the JAN token and the ecosystem due to various unforeseen reasons.


The CoinJanitor’s concept of extracting trapped value in dead coins is well founded. With more and more projects biting the dust in the crypto space, building a viable ecosystem that could revive trapped investments for the community could be a game changer. The prospects of building useful tools with the help of research of failed coins and by acquiring assets of such projects has tremendous potential in terms of avoiding future failures in the space. This project is extremely community driven, and as such, it should benefit with support from all quarters.

However, a project of such magnitude and importance, and with no previous successful models to follow, there will be numerous challenges that will be needed to be tackled. One of the key areas will be the in depth research and analysis of the meta data obtained while acquiring dead projects. The team at CoinJanitor aims to transform such data into useful information which could be utilized by the community as a whole for future projects or academic purposes. This could prove to be extremely valuable to the entire crypto space in the long run.

Importantly, the team’s CEO Marc Kenigsberg has a clear vision and is very well respected in the crypto space. The rest of the team is also well equipped to provide necessary support for implementing a valuable project of this nature.

By launching a successful ICO campaign, CoinJanitor will already be on its way to a bright future, as already mentioned earlier, the support of the community for this project is extremely important.

Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice. It is of paramount importance that everyone should do his or her own due diligence before investing in any product, platform, tokens etc. Cryptocentral.io does not endorse any content or product published on this page. Our aim is to simply provide all the readers with the latest information in the field of cryptocurrency / blockchain industry that might be of interest to our readers.