COREX – Introduces 3 Way Concept; Forex, Crypto & Arbitrage Trading

Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading

The most popular and by far the largest trading market in the world is Foreign exchange, often referred to as forex, with a huge daily trading volume worldwide. The Forex market helps companies and individuals to freely convert one currency into another. Importantly, the Forex market is instrumental in facilitating international trade and investments by allowing companies which make profits in one currency to pay for services and goods in another currency. Forex has been the favorite choice of traders from quite some time, however, since 2017, cryptocurrencies have started disrupting the financial markets worldwide. While cryptocurrency trading has been gaining substantial momentum lately, it is still very risky due to high volatility in the space. The crypto market is still in its nascent stages, and due to this the spontaneous developments in the market are highly unpredictable. There are a few reliable professional trading services out there, but these are very expensive for an average person to use. This poses a huge problem for the average investor, as without trading expertise the chances of success diminish vastly.

Corex Introduces The Three Way Concept

Corex has come up with a vision that could help people generate maximum profits even in tough market conditions. Corex has created a way to halve the risk while increasing profits for traders by spreading capital across two markets. Corex is developing a platform which will enable larger spread of invested capital to lower the risk of total loss. The platform is based on blockchain technology which assures full safety for the customers. CorexCoin, the native token on the platform, is the cryptocurrency which will allow fast and anonymous transactions for free.

Corex is coming up with its unique 3WAY concept of splitting investment into crypto, forex and arbitrage trading offering secure and solid investment solutions to the traders.

  • Forex Trading: Foreign exchange rates are always given in currency pairs because one currency is bought against another currency. The first currency of the pair is called base or the primary currency. The second is called the currency of currency or counter currency. The professional forex traders at Corex will help investors to access the right path after studying the market.
  • Arbitrage Trading: Crypto arbitrage trading is a way to make money while trading coins with less risk than average crypto trading. This is the best way to make money by trading cryptocurrencies without much worry about sudden market movements. Investors should have coins on as many exchanges as possible and should buy or sell coins on as many different platforms as possible. This gives the advantage of best prices on any given platform at any given time.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading: Small altcoins show volatility which is unpredictable over medium term time scales. An investor cannot just rely on price, trend, indicators or other signs. Corex team comprises of professional traders having long experiences in trading market and their strategical planning could provide high returns for investors.

Besides these investment options Corex also offers the following options:

  • Lending: This option is for investors looking for passive income solutions. The investor will have the option of lending Corex coins or Bitcoins to get daily returns on their capital.
  • In this investor can invest Corex coins or Bitcoins to get daily returns.                                                                                      
  • Staking: Staking begins once the Corex coins are kept in special wallet and interest is generated on coins.

Token Distribution

Sale: 56%

Pre-Sale: 8%

Dev. Team founders: 11%

Marketing: 11%

Affiliate program: 10%

Reserved Coins: 4%


Corex is developing a user-friendly platform that could potentially provide better returns for traders even in adverse conditions. Its unique 3 Way Concept could provide the necessary tools to the traders for achieving higher returns than normal. The native token on the platform, CorexCoin, will provide the traders with quick, anonymous and free transactions.

ICO Details

Token name: CorexCoin

Token Symbol: COREX

Total Supply: 25 000 000

Accepted Currencies: BTC and ETH

Pre-ICO: 8th March 2018 – 10th March 2018

ICO: 14th March – 30th March 2018

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