The time has come and the market is looking for a cryptocurrency investment fund that is readily accessible, secured and safe for every day Crypto investors. Cyber Capital Invest stands ready to deliver a revolutionary Crypto trading fund that can be accessed by everyone, not just institutional investors.

June 19th 2018, Cyber Capital Invest made quite a splash today with the announcement of a new type of Cryptocurrency investment fund that is sure to have the banking sector in an uproar. After announcing that they would be opening up this platform for everyone, their Pre-ICO Private Sale gained steam and is currently underway. CCI is an online investment fund that is revolutionary in the sense that it insures each investor & guarantees two income streams, that of the original investment as well as returns from becoming a token holder in the ICO.

Cyber Capital Invest was founded in 2016 by Viktor Kurov and Nikita Kaperzov, both highly esteemed in the world of Forex trading, IT and business management. Viktor and Nikita have been Bitcoin enthusiasts since its inception and realized that creating a Crypto investment fund for the general public was the next step in their professional evolution. Today’s team at CCI is comprised of Blockchain developers, traders, marketing and business management experts as well as notable Advisors.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for CCI was quoted as saying, “As of now there are a couple Crypto trading funds but they are institutional and not readily accessible by your every day crypto investor. We aim to change that with our new Crypto trading platform that will be easy to understand regardless of skill level. Also, anyone can invest in our ICO by purchasing tokens and then they will receive an additional 30% return from that investment. We profit when our token holders profit!”

In order to separate this Cryptocurrency investment fund/platform from the others, it is important to highlight the benefits of the CCI Fund:

  1. Unlike other platforms, participants can begin to withdraw funds in as little as 24 hours (depending on the investment plan chosen).
  2. CCI provides a range of investment plans that are not just one-time. Short term and long terms plans are available with varying interest rates.
  3. Investors do not get charged commissions.
  4. Multiple methods of payment accepted by CCI.
  5. Most importantly, each investors’ funds are insured by the fund itself (Insurance level varies on plan chosen).


The CCI Crypto Investment fund is unlike any other and has gained great momentum with potential investors. The Private Sale for this ICO has already opened and tokens can be purchased at a cost of only $0.10 per token. Once Private Sale has closed the price will rise accordingly.

Anyone interested in participating in the CCI fund or ICO can visit Cyber Capital Invest’s official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.


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Cyber Capital

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