Dimensions Network – Cryptocurrency Trading, Options, Futures, Coins & Other Derivative

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Dimensions Network – Cryptocurrency Trading, Options, Futures, Coins & Other Derivatives

Cryptocurrency Trading

Since the beginning of 2009, financial market has been disrupted with a new form of money, decentralized electronic virtual currency, Bitcoin. The invention of Bitcoin has led to creation of many more cryptocurrencies. Crypptocurrencies are finding their application as:

  • Investments
  • Medium of exchange
  • Mode of payments
  • Other non monetary purposes

This space is still in its nascent stages and the free market is trying to evaluate the prices of all cryptocurrencies. Trading of all cryptos has surged in 2017 and the price discovery mechanism often involves massive volatility in the prices of all cryptocurrencies. The prices contract and grow following the network trend. In such a vulnerable market the investor should protect himself from losses by carefully planning the investments. With the rate at which cryptocurrency trading is catching pace, there is a serious need for more platforms for not just trading but rather providing many more options for traders.

Derivative Trading platform is the Solution

Dimensions is building a platform that supports coin pair trading, options contracts and futures contracts. Dimensions network’s approach to cryptocurrency trading is more business centric. Strike Coin (STC) token is issued by Dimensions network and will be initially used to distribute reward fees among token holders.

Dimensions network is working on achieving the following goals:

  1. Centralized Platform- rapid revenue generation: This will be a platform for trading coin pairs, margins, shorting, options contracts and futures contracts.
  2. Decentralized Platform- security and transparency: This platform will be used for unrestricted, fully transparent trading not controlled by any authority.
  3. Real time currency: Developing a real time currency and enable transactions based on that currency.

Options Overview

An option is a contract which gives the buyer the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific strike price on a specified date.

Owner having a right to buy at a specific price for specific duration is called a call option.

Owner having a right to sell at a specific price for specific duration is called a put option.

Futures Overview

In a futures contract agreement, buyer agrees upon with the seller to purchase a fixed amount of cryptocurrency at a specific time in future for a pre-determined price. This contract gives idea to the traders about the future prices of cryptocurrencies, future demand and supply trends.

Exchange Aggregator

Dimensions networks’ distinct feature is its multi-exchange liquidity aggregator. Dimensions network will assert to provide best market liquidity through this feature. The aggregator will be connecting dimensions network platform to all major exchanges via their APIs and add their liquidity to dimensions network’s liquidity.

Dimensions network’s goal is to create a user friendly interface by providing customers a fixed API. Through this API, the customers can connect to either dimensions network exchange or any other exchange for their orders while users can also find the best prices for their orders.


Dimensions Network is working on creating a fast, secure and convenient platform. Continuous market research and following financial trends will be an important feature for traders. The platform is being designed to make the services more accessible to the customers via educational materials and videos which will be made available on the platform itself. There will be a support team to respond to all customers’ enquiry in a timely fashion. Dimensions Network is aiming to provide both centralized and decentralized solutions while linking them together for best choices and experiences for customers. Dimensions networks’ focus is on research and innovation to produce tangible results for the ever-expanding crypto user base.

ICO Details

Token sales date: 24th Jan 2018 – 24th Feb 2018

Token Symbol: STC

Maximum token supply: 240,000,000 STC

Exchange rate: 1ETH = 2400 STC

Currencies accepted: ETH

Useful Links

Website: https://dimensions.network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DN_STC

Telegram: https://t.me/DimensionsTalk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dimensionsnetwork

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