In the past decade, electronic payments and credit cards have become popular all over the world. In North America, almost 90% of online retail transactions were made in the past year by using credit cards.

According to Juniper Research Analysts, in the next years, payment by scanning QR codes when buying goods will become the most popular form of payment in the world. Juniper’s research also explores the benefits of using blockchain and cryptocurrencies in ecommerce and highlights a reduced risk of errors in the implementation of online payments making the process faster, safer and cheaper.

Another future trend is brought to our attention by the latest report from the Royal College of London, which shows that cryptocurrencies are ready to use as a mainstream financial payment method.

Current market trends lead experts to suggest that the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is near and it will begin from 2020.

What is EcomToken?

EcomToken is affiliated with banks to release a hard card MasterCard, Visa for debit card products, a credit card and also make its branded card. In this utility, EcomWallet can associate digital assets such as cryptocurrencies with bank cards in order to create seamless connections between digital and real-world assets, thus enabling investors to use their technical assets of any transaction and consumption in the EcomToken ecosystem.

Supported by many early adopters, EcomToken aims to become the gate of cryptocurrencies to the real world by providing a technology platform like no other, modern products, a virtual and a physical Crypto Card and become a pioneer in the field of trading and exchanging electronic and cryptocurrencies.

The EcomToken Ecosystem

The EcomToken ecosystem contains modern products that will revolutionize both the ecommerce and crypto industry. They will provide viable solutions for future trends and thus be a few steps ahead of their competition.

  1. EcomWallet

In the following years, it is expected a dramatic increase in QR payments, and EcomWallet, a mobile electronic wallet, comes with a modern product that users, regardless of their background, can easily use to make online and mobile payments.

The purchase process is secured by EcomWallet and takes place rapidly and transparently. From this, merchants and businesses will benefit by having access to user metrics that will aid them to better understand their customers and predict sales, helping them control their cash flow. Customers will also benefit by having an extremely fast, secure, simple and convenient payment method. They can also transfer funds from their EcomWallet account to their bank card in minutes.

EcomWallet is currently in version 4.0 and currently supports the main coins in the market such as: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, True USD, USD Coin, ZRX, Maker (MRK), BAT, Huobi Token (HT), VeChain (VEN). The wallet allows cash withdrawals, cash receipt, swap of coins from the wallet with ECK through EcomToken AI and Smart Contract.

  1. BotTrader

Trading is enabled by AI technology that will provide a BotTrader. This tool will perform thousands of buy and sell orders in equal quantities on floors with a price difference. Therefore, BotTrader does not only maximize the profit potential of up to 30-40% a month for the user, but also has very high liquidity characteristics for the user’s portfolios.

  1. EcomMall

Another vital part of the EcomToken ecosystem is the EcomMall, a user friendly bazaar where enterprise customers of this ecosystem will have the tools to promote, favor, expand and engage their consumer customers. EcomToken will be among the major accepted currencies for shopping, aside from BTC, ETH and other stable coins.

  1. Ecom-GYM Ledger

Ecom-GYM Ledger is a fitness band capable of securely storing cryptocurrencies. The EcomToken Ledger will be capable of working with the GYM Reward’s App of Gymbase for minting many different tokens with its heart rate monitor and POE (proof of exercise) capabilities while also serving as a multicurrency hardware wallet.

The Token

The ecosystem will be powered by its ERC-20 utility token ECK. Users of the EcomToken ecosystem can send their coins to their EcomWallet and automatically receive daily interest that the system automatically pays for a fixed time based on the value of the conversion to USD per day according to the market rate provided by coinmarketcap.


In conclusion, EcomToken is a solid project, backed by real products and early adopters. Even though they IEO will begin in August, they have already working products and their EcomWallet is available for download on their website.

You can find out more about EcomToken by going to their website and by reading their WhitePaper.