BlockStream’s Green Wallet Announced Support for its LiquidNetword

Blockchain software development BlockStream announced that its mobile wallet, Green Wallet, now supports the firm’s Liquid Network sidechain in a blog post published on July 5.

Per the announcement, users of the wallet can now store, send and receive Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and Issued Assets on the Liquid sidechain. The Liquid Network project, first discussed in 2015 and launched in October 2018, aims to allow for faster transactions with Bitcoin (BTC) between businesses and individuals with the use of its features. Source: Cointelegraph

Facebook’s Libra Surpasses Bitcoin on Crypto Twitter but Sentiment Stinks

A survey conducted by cryptocurrency data firm The TIE has revealed that U.S. residents are tweeting more about Facebook’s Libra coin than bitcoin.

According to The TIE, 43.8 percent of U.S. residents are tweeting about Libra. The percentage tweeting about bitcoin, on the other hand, is 39.8 percent. Source: CCN


Bitcoin Is A Legitimate Store Of Value, BTC Falls 8.1%

At a time when funds are reviewing their portfolio, Bitcoin and crypto investors are in for a big windfall. Surging, and more than tripling in the first half of the year, the rise and rise of Bitcoin is nothing but pure bliss.

Good news is, pundits and analysts expect the coin’s price to surge to new highs. The possibility of BTC blasting above $20,000 and registering new highs is, in fact, on the cards. It’s not hard to see why. Source: