At the dawn of the formation in the 1970s, the Internet was a small network that united several major  scientific centers in the US, and later in Europe. This network was created to accelerate the exchange  of scientific information and to facilitate access to knowledge.

Later, in the 1990s, with the advent of hundreds, then millions and billions of new computers, the  original purpose of the Internet blurred. Knowledge sharing was lost in social networking tapes.  Assessment and fair payment of achievements are mired in the wilds of the Internet marketing and all  new government regulations.

In 2009, Bitcoin appeared in the world – the first cryptocurrency, which gave a push to popularization  and ubiquitous implementation of the technology blockchain. This new invention is already  transforming the world of currency and changing the traditional financial system. Without  dependencies on government structures, cryptocurrencies can become the payment for our world.

What will happen if we take the original goal of creating the Internet and combine it with the  capabilities of the blockchain? Our team found the answer to this question by creating the concept of  International Science Hub (ISH).

ISH is a decentralized scientific platform that is aimed at increasing the availability, quality, and speed  of scientific developments by creating a reliable cross-border bridge between the specialist and the  customer. Before the ISH, in the world, there was no platform that could unite scientists, students, and  businessmen from different countries into a single place. Now, the problem has been solved!

ISH – a service that will help in a couple of minutes to do something that used months or even years  earlier! We comprehensively approach the problem, solving not only technical but also legal tasks in  the interaction of scientists, business, and states. We use the blockchain and Science Token (ST) to  facilitate the implementation of financial transactions.

In addition to the platform, a direct interaction between the specialist and the customers will be  available, ISH will become a social network that will be built on the principles of accumulation and  augmentation of scientific knowledge and intellectual potential of its participants. Indeed, it is the  dissemination of knowledge and the joint work of interested people that will move the science  forward!

Who are we? The team of enthusiasts from various industries that are united by a global idea to  improve horizontal ties in the scientific community and to give scientists access to equipment and  investments, to enable young specialists and students to grow and develop. We have often faced the  inherent difficulties of communication in science, and we deeply understood that this is the main  obstacle to progress.

Like any global project, our project requires investments. That’s why we conduct an ICO. We do not  want to just get another token into the market. For us, ICO is a cryptocurrency crowdfunding that is  aimed at investing in the future of the whole world.

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