Genaro Network is a global blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore. As a first in the industry, Genaro will provide Blockchain developers with a one-stop solution to deploy advanced smart contracts and store data simultaneously.

Ever since a mysterious creator (single person or a group) going by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto created the genesis block on the Bitcoin network, the underlying technology called Blockchain has taken over the role of the Disruptor across the board. The strongest feature of the Blockchain technology is the fact that it is evolving at a rapid pace. Blockchain 1.0 was Bitcoin, Blockchain 2.0 was Ethereum powered by smart contracts, and Blockchain 3.0 is going to be data storage powered with decentralized apps (DAPPS) and information protection on decentralized networks.

Genaro Network is a global blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore. As a first in the industry, Genaro will provide Blockchain developers with a one-stop solution to deploy advanced smart contracts and store data simultaneously. The technological ecosystem will contribute to blockchain infrastructure development by establishing common standards for decentralized applications.

Genaro intends to lead this charge into Blockchain 3.0 with their Turing-complete public chain data storage solution. With this next step in the blockchain evolution, Genaro intends to be the leading data storage provider, while offering the ability to build custom decentralized apps onto their network.

Market cap and the potential of growth

Our community has been very supportive so far and word of mouth has been positive. We’ll plan to continue working with them of course, and many have volunteered to be the beta testers and initial users of any DAPPs developed. Genaro has a good budget allocated to and node acquisition. This refers to incentivization for nodes to join the network. We’re also allocating funding to ecosystem development which primarily means the hub and accelerator.

The Genaro Hub is a physical location similar to a coworking and coliving space. There, members of the Genaro community will be able to collaborate and co-create face-to-face with the global user base and developers worldwide. The Hub has additional roles of increasing awareness of the Genaro Network through events promoting storage blockchain 3.0 and media releases of Genaro updates. Education will also be a big part of the hub, providing storage blockchain training and development courses through online webinars taught at the Hub and in person to speed the development community to create DAPPs while increasing social impact. The Hub also creates a physical meeting point with which to interact with industry, host corporate teams, and build bridges between various government, community, and business stakeholders. For example, partnerships at country-level will be explored through the Hub.

At the Hub, an in-house Genaro Accelerator will be hosted, where DAPPS will be incubated through a series of competitions, funding, plus technical, marketing, and operational support. The Accelerator will help teams to apply blockchain technologies to their ideas, and enable the commercialization of DAPPS, and, most importantly, foster the adoption of the Genaro Network’s unique platform for use with other blockchain ideas, building the utilization of the network exponentially and generating positive network effects. Genaro will provide GNX tokens and other forms of support, in effect co-investing in the startups in the Accelerator, and return any proceeds to the community.

Genaro’s Value Proposition

Genaro’s creation is intended to fill the cracks in existing solutions. Genaro will attach a full Turing complete smart contract to that data. This will provide enormous flexibility for intellectual property rights holders to share data and be properly compensated, all through an automated smart contract that is trustless. In other words, Genaro is creating a true decentralized storage and contracting platform. This is going to be extremely helpful also to other blockchain projects, which today are forced to either store limited amounts of data directly on a blockchain, which is slow and permanent, or to use data storage through traditional cloud storage providers which inevitably results in a third party involvement and higher costs. Genaro Network will allow developers to store their data using smart contracts on a decentralized storage network that is fast, cheap and secure.

Technological Innovation

The Genaro Public Chain will use PoS (Proof of Stake) as consensus, and creatively use the SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) algorithm as its storage consensus, which could increase both public chain scalability and file transferring speed. Moreover, because Genaro will apply game theory to a sharing economy business model, this will create a fairer rewards system for nodes and provide end users with a private, efficient, economic, secure and permanent storage space and sharing community.

ICO Details

Start Date: GSP will officially start around Nov.17, 2017. The exact time depends on start block.

Token Name: GNX, Genaro X token

Genaro Support Program (GSP) Whitelist Plan:

Community Supporter: 10 ETH or more, 1ETH = 3200GNX

Community Benefactor: 100 ETH or more, 1ETH = 3350GNX

Community Partner: 500 ETH or more, 1ETH = 3600GNX (GNX locked for 3 months)

Note: Minimum amount to participate in the Whitelist is 10 ETH

GSP Whitelist Plan will start at Oct.17 and end at three days before GSP block initialization.

How to participate the Token Sale?

Genaro Token Sale is called “Genaro Support Program Token Sale” and “GSP Token Sale” for short.

The GSP Token Sale will start officially on Nov.17, 2017. And users could participate GSP Whitelist to reserve discounted GNX and get special airdrop offer since Oct.17, 2017. The detailed information is list on Genaro official website, FundYourSelfNow, TokenMarket, ICOAlert, TokenTops, WorldCoinIndex ICObazaar and so on . Currently users could participate GSP Whitelist/Token Sale from Genaro official website and FundYourSelfNow. We are working with other channels and will announce soon. We recommend follow official website information which is the most accurate and updated.

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