In the last 36 hours, the cryptocurrency market has been very bearish. The market cap has dropped by -7.72%. At the time of writing this article, the losses made by top 10 cryptocurrencies were: – BTC (-4.4%), ETH (-11.6%), BCH (-12.42%), XRP (-13.56%), XLM (-12.2%), EOS (-10.59%), LTC (-9.94%), ADA (-11.27%), XMR (-6.41%) USDT (-1.13%). (Source: CHASING-COINS)

On October 10, the Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream Samson Mow announced the launch of ‘Liquid Network’ a Bitcoin sidechain. It provides secure, fast and confidential transactions which are the major need of brokers, exchangers, and market makers around the globe. On September 27, 2018, at 1.29 UTC, the liquid Blockchain went live generating its first block. Altonomy, Atlantic Financial, Bitbank, and 20 other cryptocurrency industry’s giants participated in this launch as Liquid members. These members together will ensure that the user’s assets are protected via a geographically diverse network with no single point of failure. (Source: BLOCKSTREAM)

Dubai, being the Blockchain city, has taken another step towards adopting Blockchain technology by making payments via digital coins. This was confirmed by a Pundi X announcement on October 8 stating that Ebooc & Loyalty labs – Pundi X’s regional distribution partner together with Dubai’s official government credit bureau will be bringing digital payments to the public sector. The payment will be made via Dubai’s digital currency – emcash launched by emcredit. Citizens will be able to pay school fees, bills, and utilities by Pundi X POS device. (Source: PUNDIX)

Recent events have caused the world to question the Google search engine. When searched ‘Bitcoin CEO” surprisingly, the search result showed the names of Jamie Dimon, Roger Ver, Warren Baffet and many more. (Source: ETHEREUMWOLRDNEWS)

Bitcoin market saw a sharp sell-off early this morning as a mysterious Bitcoin whale moved 22,100 Bitcoin in one huge transaction. The moved Bitcoins are worth an astonishing USD 137.6 million. The reason behind this transaction is still uncertain as the senders and receivers addresses are unknown. (Source: CRYPTONEWS)

According to a new survey by Juniper Research, a UK based research company has revealed that companies that are trying to implement Blockchain technology for their businesses are opting for Ethereum platform. Furthermore, dapps build on Ethereum Blockchain is the most attractive option for big enterprises. (Source: CRYPTONEWS)

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