In the last 36 hours, the market was ‘slightly bearish’; the market cap dropped by -0.58%. At the time of writing this article, the losses/gains of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: – BTC (-0.49%), ETH (-1.16%), BCH (+1.4%), XRP (+3.12%), XLM (-2.82%), EOS (-0.74%), LTC (-0.92%), ADA (-0.51%), XMR (-1.6%) USDT (-0.45%).

As announced on Sunday, Singapore’s central bank – the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) – the country’s primary stock exchange, have successfully developed an automated method for the settlement of tokenized assets across different Blockchain platforms. (Source: GOV. SG)

IBM, the tech giant is planning patent application system for open scientific research on the Blockchain. It involves a nimble computing environment for experiments on the Blockchain, in which data uploaded to public databases can be tracked.   (Source: CCN)

The solar energy company, Power Ledger which aims to decentralize power has recently released their roadmap for the year 2019. They said that they are working on all of their products, which includes Asset Germination Events (AGE), Virtual Power Plant (VPP 2.0) and carbon credits and certificate trading (C6 and C6+) (Source: MEDIUM)

Recently, the crypto mining hardware maker – Bitmain filed a complaint against an unidentified thief that stole 610 bitcoins from an account and seeks justice trial for the damages. (Source: BITNEWSBOT)

The Blockchain genetics company – DNAtix recently announced the joining of Prof. David Haymer of the University Hawaii, to its board of advisors. He is currently researching on the use of DNA in Forensic Science and other genetic and evolutionary applications. (Source: THE BLOCKCHAIN)

The company Sirin Labs recently launched what said to be the first Blockchain phone, named as ‘Finney’. The phone has a special operating system called Sirin OS, which is developed by the company itself. It also offers a cold storage wallet and an additional secret screen named as the ‘Safe Screen’. (Source: CRYPTONEWS)

On Nov 16th, the Swiss-based Transoil International and Solaris Commodities conducted a Blockchain pilot transaction of two firms, Black Sea Wheat and S&P Global. The transaction was done via Cerealia, a Swiss-based Blockchain-powered agri-comodities trading and financing platform. (Source: COINTELEGRAPH)

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