In the last 36 hours, the market was ‘slightly bearish’; the market cap dropped by –2.05%. At the time of writing this article, the losses/gains of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: – BTC (-1.17%), ETH (-2.19%), BCH (-5.12%), XRP (-5.63%), XLM (-0.43%), EOS (-2.31%), LTC (-2.05%), ADA (-2.89%), XMR (-1.72%) USDT (+0.08%).

On Nov 6th, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) recently issued a paper on Distributed Ledger and crypto infrastructure. ADX wants to find the operational and technical criteria required to issue crypto-assets. The paper is issued in cooperation with the Central Securities Depositories and under the patronage of the International Securities Service Association, ISSA. (Source: EMIRATES NEWS AGENCY)

Tron (TRX) recently announced their partnership with the Blockchain-based multiplayer online virtual world – NeoWorld. The announcement was confirmed via a tweet by the Tron’s founder- Mr. Justin Sun, which says “#TRON has established a partnership with NeoWorld. The cooperation between both parties will revolve around entering NeoWorld, planning the NeoWorld Exclusive Island, strengthening the cooperation within the community ecosystem, etc.” (Source: TWITTER)

A Non-profit company – Radiant Earth Foundation has joined forces with the leading Blockchain software company, ConsenSys. The goal of Radiant Earth Foundation is to simplify the overall process of utilizing satellite imagery to give Global aid organization with resources. The joint venture will improve the licensing process of open geospatial data and Earth Imagery. (Source: THE BLOCKCHAIN)

The president of Marshall island – Ms. Hilda Heins is planning to create a cryptocurrency that functions as a legal tender. The Parliament of Marshal island is evenly split among the ruling party and opponents in the 33-seat chamber. (Source: RADIO NEW ZEALAND)

A Swiss-based cyber-security and IoT company, WISeKey international Holding Ltd. recently announced its new platform ‘WISfans’ with the secure Near Field Communication (NFC). The platform’s mission is to detect counterfeiting of branded merchandise, enhanced fan interaction, and increase sales. (Source: THE BLOCKCHAIN)

IBM and Seagate will be joining forces to fight against counterfeiting of Seagate’s hard drives by using Blockchain technology. Seagate will be utilizing IBM Blockchain platform to verify the provenance of hard drive products. (Source: BIT NEWS BOT)

On Nov 6th, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by nine major terminal operators and shipping companies to launch an open digital platform based on the distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), The Martime Executive. (Source: COINTELEGRAPH)


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