ICO Certification

As all the ICO Projects seek to deliver more in less time period, many are adopting agile methodologies to streamline processes, build quality into products and ensure that the final build meets investor/customer requirements. As the use of agile methodologies has become more pervasive and popular, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing an increased number for ICO’s uniquely designed and technically personified asking for reviews and ratings to attract millions of investors globally.


What is ICO Certification?


ICO Certification delivers a unique and unrivaled ICO analytics leading to accredited qualifications awarded by Experts from CryptoCentral and the recognized Crypto Industry. ICO Certification has become an essential requirement of any Upcoming ICO Project with an ever-increasing numbers of ICOs storming into the Crypto market.


CryptoCentral offers an enhanced opportunity to ICO’s to get certified and stand out of the crowd and let the world feel your existence.


Agile Methodology for ICO Certification


Agile is a CryptoCentral’s unique way to manage ICO Certification projects.


Agile breaks down large ICO projects into small, manageable chunks called iterations based on the white paper analysis. By breaking down projects into small chunks, it makes it easy to prioritize and add or drop features mid-project. At the end of each iteration (which generally takes place over a consistent time interval), something of value is produced. The outcome produced during each iteration should be able to be put into the world to gain feedback from users or investors.


The agile has designers, developers and business people working together simultaneously on the ICO Certification Project.


What Stands Out? Why ICO Certification Rocks?




ICO Certification lets you get your concept to your users as quickly as possible. During every sprint, an ICO Certified project delivers something of value. At any point, you may determine you want to launch what has been delivered and start building a user base or testing your hypothesis.




ICO Certification integrates testing throughout the process. Consistently delivering tested Certification process means higher overall quality and less time spent on QAing the full application.




Incremental releases let you test your product early and often. Even if you don’t release it to the public, it’s much easier to locate flaws and things that can be improved when you have an actual product to play with vs a series of designs.




The Certification Process lets you see, feel and use a project consistently throughout the presale and Crowdsale funding. You don’t see things in compartmentalized silos; you see how things work together.




CryptoCentrals’s focus on short-iterative releases for ICO Certification process takes into account the long-term needs and goals. ICO Certification actually benefits the long term. At a minimum, it is just a different means to get to the end. By having something that you can actually test earlier in the process, it lets you make better decisions for the long-term.




ICO Certification requires collaboration between designers and developers. Fortunately, most designers and developers love to collaborate. While there can be a bit more upfront work to get everyone on the same page, the end result is a better product, faster and for less money.


How does ICO Certification work?


The cryptocentral team has developed the best process for ICO Certification based on agile methodology. The team follows a short lifecycle which repeats during each iteration.


1. Planning

2. Execution

3. Review

4. Rinse & Repeat


Each ICO Certification project starts off with a kick-off meeting. The first meeting is generally the most extensive as the initial project ideas and the roadmap needs to be briefed and the project team introduced.


The kick of Meeting goals is:


1. An overview of the ICO project and the goals.

2. Whitepaper Analysis.

3. Who will be working on the ICO Certification project?

4. Determining which features to work on.

5. Getting on the same page






ICO Certification is meant to improve your life, not complicate it. It is meant to help you release your products faster, better and for less money. It is meant to be the more fast way of attracting investors and end customers.


It is meant to help teams work together better to generate their best work. Give it whirl. Start with your ICO Certification, Submit your Project and see the difference it will make in your venture. You will love to work with us.


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