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Blockchain: Transforming Society

The innovation supports computerized monetary standards and guarantees that all exchanges are legitimately directed and recorded. In any case, what has put away on the blockchain require not be only a money unit – it can be put to other fascinating employments.

Blockchain Platform Launch in India

According to a report from The Hindu Business Line, the project was disclosed during technology awards by IDRBT director, A.S Rama sastri, on Friday.

BlockChain Changing Real Estate

Transacting real estate assets through digitization is not a norm. Real estate transactions are done physically which involve meeting people face-to-face. Blockchain has opened up approaches to change this.

Blockchain enters India

The partnership between one of the biggest Bitcoin wallet provider companies, Blockchain and India based Bitcoin exchange Unocoin is certainly going to bring ease to the users. 

Blockchain To Revolutionize Food Industry

As per research from TÜV SÜD, just 64 percent of food makers say they can follow each segment of their items completely through the supplier network. So on the off chance that you are uncertain about what precisely is in that frozen pizza you just purchased, and, so is the organization that made it.

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