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Certifications On The Blockchain - BCDiploma

Certifications On The Blockchain - BCDiploma

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Certifications On The Blockchain - BCDiploma

Fake Certifications On The Rise

The number of new graduates or diploma holders graduating from schools and colleges around the world is increasing by the day. Europe alone has more than 4 million students graduating from higher education programs every year. China and India are churning out 60 million and 25 million graduates every year, yes these are staggering numbers. But what am I getting at?

If you ever happen to search “fake diplomas” on google, the results will shock you. There are basically two categories under which fake degrees are being sold.

Diploma Mill or Degree Mill is a phony university that sells college diplomas and transcripts without any educational experience. These are scam setups that provide degrees or certifications to anyone who pays up the usually high tuition amounts.

The second category is the Professional websites selling high quality replica diplomas.

One can find loads of these websites on line, and they offer varied types of degrees and certificates with real University holograms and signatures.

Fake diplomas or degrees, has turned into a monstrous billion-dollar industry, according to reports. The fake degrees devalue legitimate degrees, that people obtain by investing years of hard work and money. On top of that, if you consider that tomorrow you could be visiting a health care practitioner who has a fake degree, and in all probability would  harm you rather than treat your medical condition, this is outright scary. This shows the severity of the problem we are dealing with. The number of earned PhD degrees in the United States is approximately 40,000 to 45,000 each year. Now compare that with the number of fake PhDs bought each year from diploma mills, is in excess of 50,000. Basically more than half of all people claiming a new PhD have a fake degree. Unbelievable right? Unfortunately this is the reality we live in today!

Blockchain Based BCDiploma To The Rescue

BCDiploma is developing a DApp (Decentralozed Application) for institutions of higher education to enable them to issue their degrees on the Ethereum Blockchain. This app will enable graduates to share a tamper-proof and verifiable digital version of their certificates by providing a simple URL. These time stamped, digital certificates will provide easy authenticity to the prospective employers or any other party requiring to check the documents.

Moreover, the app has been designed with the aim of making it a competitive, durable, and an unfalsifiable solution, that will be compatible with social networks.  It will be extremely user friendly and perfectly adapted to the uses of higher education.  

Importantly, BCD ‘s DApp has been built keeping in mind the right of personal data, and at the same time making it an inexpensive, fast-running open source ecosystem built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

*Operational Specifications

How Will It Work

As mentioned earlier, BCDiploma has focused on building a user friendly application that is highly secure. I will take you over the entire process briefly without getting too much in to the technical details.

1. The school will create an ID on Ethereum

1.1 A validator guarantees the school’s identity

Upon the school’s request, a third party, referred as “validator”, will vouch for their identity on Ethereum, so that there is no doubt about the Ethereum address used to share the diplomas. The validator is an Ethereum actor deploying the smart contract “SmartValidation”.

To get an “ID Certificate” the school must proceed with the implementation of a smart contract “SmartIdentification”. The latter allows to:
•    Check via a smart contract SmartValidation that the validator has checked the school ID; 
•    Publish the school’s “ID Certificate” in the transaction data without encryption.

1.2 The school’s ID certificate is proof of the diplomas’ authenticity

The ID certificate will include the following information: the school’s name, the characteristic features of the diplomas that are issued, the URL of the corporate website page on which the Ethereum address will be published and the URL of the web server hosting Reader App.

2. The school will put the encrypted diplomas on Ethereum via Crypto App 

The steps the schools have to follow are simple: send the diplomas’ data via Crypto App (uploading the file or the AP) and confirm the encryption and sending request on Ethereum. These two actions will be performed by Cypto App, first, and then by the smart contract “SmartPublication

3. The graduate will recieve the URL to access the diploma 

Each graduate will receive, in a secured way, the URL to access his or her diploma. This URL will not be retraceable from the Ethereum’s transaction. However, one would not be able to access the diploma without it. The graduate will be the only custodian of the URL and sharing it will be his responsibility. It would be up to the graduate, if he wants to share it on social media or send it to a third party upon request. If the graduate wants to assert his right to be forgotten, the school will have to destroy the persistence key after verification of the graduate’s ID. Reader App, or any other BCD’ app, won’t be able to decrypt the diploma any longer.

4. A third party can access the diploma via Reader App 

The graduate will now provide his diploma’s URL to a company’s or university’s recruiting manager.  This URL, will then redirect the user towards the Reader App’s server, allowing him to:

View the diploma, which would have been designed based on a pattern set on the ID certificate and decrypted by Reader App; 

Access the ID certificate (directly via etherscan for example) in order to check the sender’s and web server’s authenticity, more specifically, matching school’s Ethereum address and the exact URL of the web server hosting the diploma. The ID certificate will also be searchable on the corporate website of the validator.



BCDiploma’s DApp will provide a valuable solution against the problem of fake certifications. In the future more and more institutions will use the blockchain to secure their certificates and diplomas. The blockchain technology based applications are much more efficient, secure, and simple than the existing solutions available today in the industry. As long as BCDiploma is able to deliver on their plans, it has a very high chance of succeeding.

Initital Token Sale (ITS) Details:

Token Name:  BCDT

Token Pre Sale Start Date:  December 2017

Bonus & Limit:  Presale: 20% bonus, 60 ETH minimum contribution, $3M limit

Token Main Sale Start Date: January 2017

Bonus & Limit:  First round: 10% bonus, $2M limit, Second round: no bonus

Token Standard: ERC20 Token

Number of tokens for sale: 100,000,000  

Hard Cap: USD $12 Million

Soft Cap:  USD $3 Million

Maximum Token Supply:  150 million (Tokens not distributed will not be created)

Exchange Rate:  1 ETH = 2,500 BCDT tokens. 

KYC & Whitelist: Yes

*Token Repatriation & Allocation of Funds

Useful Links:
Website:  https://www.bcdiploma.com
Telegram:. https://t.me/BCDiploma
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2221629.0
Facebook:. https://www.facebook.com/BCDiploma
Medium: https://medium.com/bcdiploma
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCDiploma

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