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Increasing Role of AI In Price Analysis and Predictions

In today’s world, Computers and artificial intelligence are being used more frequently to forecast and predict price analysis in business. Traders are able to leverage their processing power in order to get predictions made for investments. These predictions for investments are based on various data points available to the AI.
While this market is pretty massive, currently it is dominated by extremely high costs charged by service providers, and apparently some of them charge north of USD $20,000 per year.

Hade.io Will Disrupt The Existing Costly Services

This is the space that the Hade platform is aiming to capture. According to their research, the industry for machine based predictive investment research is over USD $100 billion per year. As per information in their White Paper, Yahoo and Google finance is currently being used by over 100 million people each month. Clearly, this shows, that there is a large market for information and tools for investment research.

The HADE Platform is being built around technologies such as: data visualization, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will bring innovation, lower costs, and will work towards improving the quality of financial services.

Hade.io is developing a decentralized platform that will compete with, and be superior to, these costly platforms. By reducing the cost of such tools, they should be able to gain traction with a large number of users in a short time span.

The fact that Hade will offer a “freemium” service for users, that will be enable them to use most  of the platform free of charge, will make it extremely attractive. However, Hade will provide clients with the option to purchase higher professional grade tools with the platform’s native token, HADE.

In my opinion this is the right mix of free and premium services that will provide value to people using the platform.

In addition to the machine learning and predictive forecast tools, Hade platform will sell advertisement spaces on its platform. This will add an interesting economic dynamic to the platform for its users and would increase the value of the platform. Unlike other platforms, the ad revenue on the Hade platform will be paid out to the users who would have bought the rights to such ad spaces using the HADE tokens.

By utilizing blockchain technologies coupled with the inbuilt payment settlement systems via HADE token, they will be able to offer competitive pricing and at the same time provide advanced tools that other platforms cannot. In terms of real world applicability, their platform will be the first and only one to provide services to both fiat and cryptocurrency investors.

The Advantages of Blockchain Technology

Operational Advantages of Blockchain Technology
1. Customer & User Account Verification
2. Payment processing from customers and organizations
3. Improved Security for database and customers from cyber crime

These benefits along with the native token on the platform, will enable a complete and smooth user experience.

With the advent of Blockchain technology, the issues related to trusting data, research and conclusions have been dealt with since the blockchain has enabled the data to be verifiable.

With the integration of blockchain, Hade will build the world’s first fully transparent advertising system to enforce accountability, and thereby delivering unprecedented results for ad campaigns. Advertisers will not have to worry about getting tricked with inflated impressions on the Hade platform since the conversions and the viewing audience will be verifiable, primarily due to the integration of blockchain technology.


Hade is positioning itself to be a fast growing trading tool platform, and will be able to compete with the larger players in terms of quality, service, security and on top of it economical. That’s why, in my opinion, as long as the execution is carried out correctly, Hade.io stands to disrupt  substantial sized markets.

ICO Details

Total Symbol: HADE
ICO Dates: Starts 1st December 2017, Currently Ongoing
Hard Cap: $30 million
Token Price: Fixed Price of $0.06 (Six Cents)
Exchange Rate: 1ETH = 5800 HADE

Useful Links

Website: https://hade.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/HadeTokenSale
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hadeplatform
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp15ctUnrW78HQI9nifvuqQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HadePlatform/



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