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A review of the HADE website, white paper (WP) and encompassing information was conducted by the team from CryptoCentral.io (CC).


A review of the Hade.io website, white paper (WP) and encompassing information was conducted by the team from CryptoCentral.io (CC). This process is going to speed up the process of the ICO by becoming officially certified by the CC team, with our stamp of approval.

By being ICO certified, potential investors will have the confidence they need to know that the ICO information has been studied, and a thorough investigation into the ICO was conducted. By showing the stamp of ICO certified, it will give extra credibility to the team, and entice investors to trust the team.

The investigation was conducted with utmost care, and is understood to be above what the average investor would conduct during a due-diligence investigation. All information from the website, WP, and provided information is taken as true and factual.


Computers and artificial intelligence are becoming more frequently used to forecast and predict price analysis in business. With advanced computer programs traders are able to leverage their processing power in order to have predictions made for investments. By reviewing and taking into account many different data points the AI is able to facilitate a prediction for investment.

This is the exact area that Hade platform is seeking to capitalize on. According to their research, the industry for machine based predictive investment research is over $100 billion per year.

While this market is very large, it is mainly driven by the high cost of individual service providers. Some current companies that offer such tools charge over $20,000 per year.

Hade.io is developing a platform that will compete with, and be superior to, these expensive platforms. By reducing the cost of the tools they will be able to gain a large number of users very quickly. They state in their WP that over 100 million people use Yahoo and Google finance each month. This shows that there is a large market for information and tools for investment research.

Hade will offer a “freemium” service to where users will be able to use the bulk of the platform free of charge, however, they will have the option to purchase higher grade tools with the native HADE token. Once users see the value that the premium services provide, and how much of a discount they are compared to other platforms, it is an obvious choice for users to purchase the enhanced features.

In addition to their machine learning and predictive forecasts, they will be selling advertisement space on their platform. However, unlike many other platforms the ad revenue can be paid out to users who use their HADE tokens in order to buy the rights to the ad spots. This will only increase the value of the platform because users will receive payouts for the ads they see, while using the platforms tools.

Hade is positioning itself to be a fast growing trading tool platform, and will be able to compete with the larger players in terms of quality and service. By utilizing the blockchain technologies they will be able to offer more competitive pricing and provide tools that other platforms cannot.

White Paper Review

The WP reviewed was Hade – Whitepaper V1.

No information or consideration will be given concerning grammar or spelling, unless it is extreme.

One of, if not the, most crucial pieces of information that an ICO can give potential investors is their White Paper (WP). It is of utmost important to have a clear, concise, and professional WP. With this document the company will have the opportunity to get their message across to the readers, and convince them that the project has merit and is worthy of receiving their investment funds.

The Hade WP does a good job of telling the story of the market they are entering, and how their product will be used. By simply reading through the entire WP users will have a good understanding of the details of the platform, and how it will work.

The WP starts off with the information regarding the token sale, which is great. Users will want to be having the information concerning the investment in the back of their mind as they read through the document.

The WP has many graphs and pictures and stimulating pieces that keep the reader engaged. Even though the document is over 45 pages long, it reads quickly and does not make the reader bored. Each section follows in order and builds off of each other.

The financial forecasts for the project and the revenue models are well explained. It is important to show potential income so that investors will be able to cross reference the work for their own due diligence. It also shows that the team is pro-active and has finances in mind for post ICO success.

With the financial forecasts, the WP does a good job of breaking down how the tokens will be used and how value will be increased for them. By having the tokens be a utility token, the more that people use the platform, the more value and use the tokens will have.

One portion of the WP that could be included would be business incorporation information. It is very important that people be able to verify the legality of the business and make sure that it really exists. While this is not explicitly done in the WP, quick searching will see its sister company Hade Platform, as being a real company in the USA.

It is refreshing to see that the WP goes over the list of technologies and highlights he strengths of the Hade platform versus the competitors. This helps readers to easily see the difference. It shows the team has respect for the market as they do not cherry pick areas that the competitors are weak in, and then highlight them. The graphs show that the other platforms may have a tool that Hade does not, but is in the process of developing. The WP is very fair when presenting their strengths and tools they will bring to the marketplace.

The team is very open with their plans for the funds and how they will be used and distributed. There is no section that draws scrutiny, and it seems the team has realistic plans on how the company will operate for at least three years after the ICO.

The team section has a few small areas that could be improved upon. The first two pictures are blurry compared to the other ones. It would take just little effort to clean those up. Also, the people on the Advisor section should have pictures on the WP also. If possible adding in links to LinkedIn profiles would be advantageous.

Business Key Products

The Hade platform will have two main business products: investment research and prediction software, and advertisement placement. Both shall be reviewed below.

The advertisement portion of the website will be based purely on allowing advertisers to show information to users. The Hade’s project expects to have over 5 million unique monthly users. Once these numbers have been reached, a significant opportunity for advertisement revenue is obtainable.

They will go through the advert placement in a very unique way. Instead of all of the revenue going directly to the Hade company, people who own HADE tokens will be able to buy the rights to the advertisement spaces on the website. As an example for this, if somebody owns the main header section or a website page, the ad revenue that is generated from that section will go directly to the person who purchased it. This will create value for tokens outside of the use for purchasing the extra features on the trading platform.

The second part of the business model is investment tools. It is estimated that over 100 million people use the Yahoo and Google finance pages. Hade.io will be offering similar, and more powerful tools to users for free. They will hold some of the “cream of the crop” features that can be unlocked via HADE token purchases. By being a paid user of the platform users will be able to use enhanced AI forecasting and predictive modeling.

As is explained on their website and WP, the predictive models and databases that they use have many more points of reference than their competitors. By more data points the algorithms and models are able to better predict outcomes and be used as tools for investors.

Down the line all of these same patterns and data points will be used for the crypto space in order to gauge, rank, and rate ICOs.
For a more detailed breakdown of the technical data and examples please refer to the WP.

Team Review

After reading the WP, the next place that potential investors will closely scrutinize is the project team. It is imperative that the team information is accurate, up to date, and all information is readily available.

An in-depth review of the team was conducted in order to identify any potential weakness in the presentation or areas of concern. Investors will want to see that the team has the past experience, and strategic partnerships in order to fulfill the promises in the WP, and deliver on the milestones set forth in the road map.

The Hade’s team consists of 35 people, according to their website. They are skilled in aspects such as machine learning, AI, and business development, to name a few.

The executive team are all well versed in their specialized areas, according to the website.

An extremely important part of the Team section of an ICO website is to highlight the strengths and value that team members bring. There are some improvements that should be considered on Hade’s website. First there needs to be links to LinkedIn profiles—this is becoming a standard in the ICO world. In addition to the LinkedIn profiles, the text needs to be larger as it is hard to read.

With some searching it is easy to verify the team members on LinkedIn however, having the team’s profile readily available just makes it that much easier for people to read.

The profiles about the team members are well written. They highlight some of their skills and assets. As previously mentioned, the text is hard to read.

For the advisory board, it is just as important to highlight their strengths and value as it is for the team members. Pictures need to be added with LinkedIn profiles (if available) in order for people to be able to verify the claims.

Based on the review of the website and LinkedIn for some team members they seem competent and have had previous success before joining the Hade’s team. With this previous experience and developed skillset the team should be positioned to be able to deliver on what they say in the WP.

Below is a summary of the executive team and the advisory group.

Executive Team

Brian Nichols: Brian is the CEO of Hade. He has a degree from Liberty University. Prior to becoming the CEO of Hade he was an equity analyst and columnist for a number of financial websites. He is a published author on the topic of invested from McGraw-Hill. His background in analytics and equities will suite him well to lead the Hade project.

Roger Staton: Roger is the cofounder, CTO, and Director of Programming for the Hade project. He was a web developer with UPS for almost a decade before starting Hade. He speaks a number of programming languages and has a vast amount of practical, hands on experience with coding.

Bethany Thacker: Bethany is the Chief Data Officer. She has an MBA in marketing from American Public University. She has previous experience working in the industry however, from what is on her LinkedIn profile, it is not obvious if she has experience that the other team members have.


Rajesh Pavithran: Rajesh is an Advisor for Hade. He has a degree in Engineering from Mangalore University. He has prior experience working for IBM and Oracle. He is the founder of startups utilizing blockchain technologies.

Timothy Armes: Timothy is a CPA and holds a degree from the University of Texas. He was the CEO and founder of the popular job search website Jobs.com. He also created The Nurses Lounge which is a professional networking platform for those in the Nursing industry.

Website and Social Media Review

The website for the Hades project website was visited and inspected on November 29, 2017.

Having a clean and professional website is absolutely critical to impressing potential investors who are investigation your project. The website is the visual, and written representation of the company as a whole, if the website is not up to par, potential investors will leave without a second look back.

The website, Hade.io, is very well built and put together. This is a testament to the programming and coding skill behind the team. The website flows well and covers the important portions of the ICO.

It is very good to see a section dedicated solely to the team’s legal retainer. By putting this front and center it shows that the team puts legal compliance and doing business the right way as a main priority.

Since the company is doing an ICO, it needs to have serious support from the crypto community. After searching online, there is very little support for the project in terms of blogs, articles, website review, professional examination, etc. There is also no Bitcointalk.org forum thread. Bitcointalk is one of the, if not the, best place for ICOs to advertise and get the attention of the crypto community.

Without a strong community behind the project it will not have much traction. Despite the fact the website is well put together, and it is tied to an already established company, there is very little traction from the crypto realm. A very inexpensive way to build a community behind the project is to run a bounty campaign. By distributing tokens to the crypto community to promote and drive interest in the product, the odds are greatly increased for the ICO to be successful.

They project has a Telegram channel however it has fewer than 100 people, which is strange considering it has a very respectful following on Facebook and Twitter. It is very important that the team partner with a PR or marketing firm in order to create publicity and get organic growth and interest in the project started.

The roadmap of the website is detailed and outlines the future projects well. Overall the website is well design, thought out and put together. However, there is just no real community behind the project. Without a strong community to support the project the ICO may not be as successful as the team hopes.

Economic Evaluation

An economic evaluation is one of the trickiest parts of due diligence for an ICO. Going off of publically available information regarding the industry the ICO is breaking into, and drawing conclusions is often the norm.

The team has already done a good job going over an economic evaluation for the project and their projected revenue streams.

The platform will have two main sources of revenue, advertisement and paid services.

Hade will be operating as a “freemium” subscription where users will be able to use most of the tools that are available completely free of charge. However, in order to get the best experience and most useful tools they will have to pay a subscription fee. This fee will be at a considerable discount against their main competitors. If all features are purchased it is estimated a trader would only spend approximately $2,500 a year.

The revenue portion for advertisements is a different scenario because it may not affect the company directly. They will offer the ability for token holders to purchase the ad space, and then the token holder would get the revenue for the ad space. This is another form of value for the token.

The HADE token will not receive dividends or profit share, it is a pure utility token. The more people that use the token, and the more the platform grows, the higher in value the tokens will be. The Hade team also said there will be a buyback and burn mechanic in play, so over time the total number of tokens in circulation will decrease.

This will serve to increase the value of the existing tokens.

The two largest companies in this space are Reuters and Bloomberg. They have markets caps of $33 and $45 billion, respectively. It is easy to see that should the Hade project reach even a minor portion of that success the value of the token will be greatly appreciated.

SWOT Analysis


Established team and experienced programmers and developers. They have ties to the Hadeplatform which is an already existing trading platform. Entering a market that has a very large number of users. Good growth potential. Significant cost savings versus competitors.


The project has almost no traction in the crypto communities. In order for the project to become a success they will have to immediately deploy a targeted PR and marketing campaign in order to spread awareness of the project. Since the crypto community will be the ones supplying the Eth for the funding they need to be aware of this potential investment. Since the platform relies on revenue from users paying for services, without a paying user base the project will not be able to stay funded.


The opportunities for this project mainly involve the ability for them to gain a very large share of the current market. As was discussed the monthly users for Yahoo and Google finance are over 100 million. Should Hade be able to capture a small portion of this market they will be in a good position to achieve their goals.


As was discussed previously, if there is no community behind the project then it may not get the funding it needs. Without a community to drive value for the token then the company will possibly fold. Since the token is a utility token, without people perceiving value for it, it could fall by the way side.


The Hade project is very interesting in its concept, and its approach to using machine learning and AI in order to facilitate ICO and altcoin cryptocurrency ranking system.

Since it is established with the Hadeplatform.com Company it shows that it has the backing to at least be a good start.

The website is well built and the team seems to understand what they need to do in order to make the project succeed.

There is still a lack of community behind the project, which, in the ICO world can be a severe detriment to the project’s success. With some targeted marketing they should be able to build up a community and gain traction.

It is obvious that the market that the project is seeking to enter and disrupt is huge. Just from the examples give of Reuters and Bloomberg, it is almost $100 billion annually. By offering a better product (according to them) at a steep discount, they should be able to bring people onto their platform.

The team is planning for success and it shows with their detailed funds usages and roadmap. Should be project succeed in gaining market share Hade could become a very respectable trading and analytical tool service provider.


Disclaimer This is not an investment advice. It is of paramount importance that everyone should do his or her own due diligence before investing in any product, platform, tokens etc. Cryptocentral.io does not endorse any content or product published on this page. Our aim is to simply provide all the readers with the latest information in the field of cryptocurrency / blockchain industry that might be of interest to our readers.

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