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Challenges In Education System

Education is a principal component of an ever growing society and economy. In 2016 worldwide expenditures on higher education soared to USD $6 trillion. Education has become a global industry primarily due to increasing demand triggered by expanding middle class of Asia and Africa. Despite the fact, that students are willing to spend more on higher education there are many hurdles and restrictions in the path of aspiring students. The supply of teaching material is far more inadequate as compared to demand for the material. There are other complexities like always increasing tuition costs, student debt and inaccessible course lessons adding to the inefficiency of the system. This is making education unattainable for the middle class. Also, the educational institutions are not adapting to the standards of the ever evolving real world making most of its study material redundant. These factors make higher education neither accessible or affordable and even relevant to students.

On Demand Education Marketplace(ODEM) Solution

ODEM will be using the Blockchain technology to solve the issues of education industry. Smart contract based ODEM platform will enable students and teachers to interact directly without any intermediaries. The ODEM platform aims to work across the borders with stable internet access. This blockchain powered platform wants to make education accessible to everyone across the globe. The experienced ODEM team joining hands with US based Excelorators will be establishing new education standards revolutionizing the quality and accessibility of high end education. ODEM will be an online platform working in conjunction with inclusive and decentralized payment system for secure transactions. In this system a non payment by the student will block the services from being delivered, and non delivery of services means student will be refunded. Payments will be enabled via ODEMT (ODEM Token). ODEM is focused on creating real time in person educational programs rather than accommodating single unit courses. They aim to provide a number of accompanying services like transportation costs, on site experiences and many more.

How Will It Work?

ODEM will be powered by a set of programs using the Ethereum Blockchain. Users will log into the platform, decide which services to purchase and record of such services will be stored on the blockchain.


Rather than being just a market place between students and teachers ODEM will generate agreements between teachers and students using the Ethereum Smart Contracts technology. Students will be able to log in to the platform and instantly select from the list of available courses and services, while the students and their guardians will be able to pay for the same using ODMT tokens.

Royality Structure

Professor Developed Curriculum

Within the ODEM payment ecosystem both students and educators will be able to earn royalties for contribution of programs and curriculums.

When a professor will be contracted through smart contracts, and if he sees an opportunity, he would be able to develop curriculums based on previous program experiences and an understanding of market requirements. New students will then join the designed programs and the professor will earn royalty for such programs. Additionally, the professor would also earn royalties from subsequent uses of these programs.

Student Developed Curriculum

A student or a student representative will also be able to develop a curriculum based on their own needs. Once the curriculum is finalized, the proposal will be distributed for bids to professors and education providers. Once secured, confirmed and validated by community as useful, the program could be used again in the future, generating royalties in ODEM reward tokens. Such programs will officially become part of search engine for future reference by the students.


The ODEM platform promises to provide best education without friction to students across the globe. The platform aims to enable students to seamlessly connect with professors in person or on site in both local and international environment. It will be a single education ecosystem where students, educators and service providers will be able to communicate in a secure environment.

ICO Details

Total Tokens: 396,969,697

Pre token sale: 10th Dec – 31st Dec 2017

Token sale: 17th Feb 2018- 19th March 2018

Accepted Cryptocurrency: Ether

Useful Links

Website: https://odem.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/odem_io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ODEM_IO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odemio/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/odem-io/


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