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The Present Industry

The existing adult industry needs a lot of improvement. The crucial problems are lack of transparency and unfair revenue distribution. The biggest portion of revenue generated from the advertisements is taken by the adult platform itself, giving very little to content creators and nothing to clients. Also the premium content is unavailable. Most of the content which is available is locked for previewing. The existing platforms have lot of inefficiencies leaving a massive scope for improvement.

Redchain to create a Decentralized Platform

Redchain aims to improve the industry by creating a decentralized platform where publishers, advertisers and viewers or the clients benefit from the platform itself. Redchain aims to integrate adult industry with cryptocurrencies using Blockchain technology and smart contracts. Redchain is planning to build a self-sustaining ecosystem for its participants, namely content publishers, advertisers, investors and clients, while keeping in mind the interest of each participant.

  • Content Publishers: These will be the heart of the ecosystem. Content publishers will upload the content, and will be paid 100% of what the viewer pays for viewing the content.
  • Viewers: The viewers will be viewing large amounts of diversified, quality content that too at very low prices. The viewer will pay only for what the content that is viewed.
  • Advertisers: The advertisements will be played next to the publisher’s content, hence the advertisers will be paying directly to publishers. Advertisements will be rotated and no viewer will view the same ad twice in a single session.
  • Investors: Redchain token (RCH) will be the platform currency, as the demand of the token increases, the value should also rise, ensuring good returns to the investors.

Platform structure

The platform is fully decentralized and the smart contract technology guarantees a completely transparent system. The platform consists of

  • Content sharing platform
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Content publisher would have their Redchain wallet, to which all payments from the viewers and advertisers would be transferred. RCH tokens will be instantly transferred to publishers wallet from viewers’ wallet in a single click. Redchain viewers need not register themselves with the platform. The viewer will have a personal wallet having RCH and ETH tokens. This feature also gives anonymity to the viewer. Advertisers will have their own wallet. They will be able to create and manage ads and view statistics. Advertiser will decide the number of RCH tokens to be spent on a particular ad and the placement of ad.


Since Redchain is aiming to improve the adult industry by integrating blockchain technology and smart contracts, all the participants of the ecosystem could benefit from this model. As discussed earlier, the content publishers, advertisers, and the viewers all stand to gain from this model.

ICO Details

Token Name: Redchain Token

Symbol: RCH

Total RCH supply: 32,000,000 RCH

ICO Sale: 1st January-8th January 2018

Hard Cap: 12,000,000 RCH

Token price: 0.0005ETH

Exchange rate:1ETH= 2,000 RCH

Useful Links

Website: http://redcha.in/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE93K4ADI8DpuK5xhw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redchainblock/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedchainBlock

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