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Kik Kicks out Highest Profile ICOs

The Canada-based startup at first intended to raise as much as $125 million from the sponsor, however, it chose for a deal system that forced a purchase cap on purchasers of its 'Kin' token. 

Ethereum Planning Interactive Protocol for ICO

A white paper has been released detailing the protocol. As per the protocol, the ICO could respond to the action of buyers., released today, the authors detail a system by which an ICO could respond to the actions of buyers.

How can ICOs change our future?

ICOs offer funding opportunities for startups with innovative ideas that have the potential to fundamentally change our daily lives.

Russia to end the Wait by Regulating Cryptocurrencies

Aksakov will be starting a trial on Bitcoin exchanges. This will make it possible to sidestep the transactions for those who want to invest in Russian projects including Crimea.

All ICOs banned in South Korea

Following the example of China, now South Korea has banned all "initial coin offerings" (ICOs) in the country. 

Avoid Saying ‘ICO’ in China

After the most recent Bitcoin news from China, the Summit coordinators asked members -investors and crypto stores – to abstain from saying the expression "ICO." 

Legal Awareness in ICO market

It's difficult to stay aware of ICOs, with more than 100 such deals finished so far this year, rounding up well finished $1 billion, as per CoinDesk's ICO Tracker.

Macau’s Casino Company Dragon Corp. to raise $500 Million in an ICO

Macau has one of the most progressive gambling industries in the world which is in a constant state of development. Now, in an effort to integrate blockchain technology into the world's largest gambling market, the Macau-listed gaming developer Dragon Corp is aiming to raise half a billion dollars through an initial coin offering (ICO).

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