Bitcoin May Be Gearing Up for a Move to $10,000 as Upwards Momentum Continues

Despite facing increased levels of downwards pressure earlier this week that temporarily put Bitcoin’s upwards momentum in jeopardy, the cryptocurrency has been able to continue surging upwards and is now nearing the low-$8,000 region, which is the point at which BTC incurred significant selling pressure a few days ago.

Now, analysts believe that Bitcoin may have more fuel in it that allows it to surge towards $10,000 in the near future, which would be a significant technical movement for the cryptocurrency. Source:

Crypto Markets Surge $18 Billion As Bitcoin Heads Back To $8k

The majority of BTC traders and investors were secretly hoping that Bitcoin price would correct all the way back down to $6k or lower. This would provide ample opportunity to accumulate for a bigger bull run later this year. Their hopes have been dashed this Sunday morning as Bitcoin surged again during Asian trading. Source:


Inflation Bug Still a Danger to More Than Half of All Bitcoin Full Nodes

More than 50% of the full nodes on the bitcoin network haven’t upgraded to the latest client software version, leaving them vulnerable to the inflation bug. Figures published by bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr show that more than half of the full nodes in the bitcoin network are still running client software vulnerable to the inflation bug discovered in September 2018. Source: Cointelegraph

Meteoric Crypto Recovery: Here’s What Triggered Bitcoin Price Above $8,000

By CCN: The bitcoin price has surged by seven percent in the past several hours from $7,300 to around $8,000 in major markets including the U.S., demonstrating a strong recovery from its abrupt drop to $6,400. Source: