Interview Questions for’s Founder, CEO & Lead Developer, Rezig Zine Labidine, by

1. Hi Rezig, could you briefly talk about your professional background and the core team at

I have about 18 years’ experience in coding, my core team contain two software developer, two Architects engineer working as 3D Graphic designer and one UI/UX designer, and we just recruited a chief operation officer from Japan

2. The first thing I noticed was that you are holding multiple positions in the company ranging from being the software architect, the lead developer and also the CEO. How do you manage your time between all this work?

We had a lean start-up, at first, we managed our time and energy by focusing on the developing stage and we added the managerial tasks by needs till we got to recruit a professional chief operation officer. Actually, we are recruiting software developing staffs and business developing staffs

3. How far has the Virtual and Augmented Reality technology come and how did the idea come about?

Three years ago, virtual and augmented reality were just ‘workable ideas’. today some might describe them as the cherry topping of the 21st-century innovation drive. With that promising technologies we are aspiring to build a thoroughly robust ecosystem where productivity, recreation, and innovation come to roost, much similar to the real world and we are looking forward to make it accessible to anyone by using the DVS system.

4. Could you briefly explain to our readers about Districts, and how users will be able to deploy Dapps on the District platform?

Project Districts is the world’s first fully Decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world to users all over the globe. Its highly competent development portal the Districts Visual Studio, makes it the perfect candidate for bootstrapping real-world ideas and solutions. b. Users will be able to deploy Dapps on the District platform by using Districts Visual Studio

5. I found the concept of land parcels absolutely amazing. Please shed some light on how users can get land parcels on the district platform and what is DVS?

  • DVS (Districts Visual Studio) is a modern visual tool, you can use it to create applications, games, or even your own world. by a simpl ‘drag and drop’ using a mouse or VR controllers.
  • It will come with an expandable library of functions, textures, sounds and 3D models that make the job of building applications easier.
  • It will be used into districts as a Decentralized Application or DAPP.
  • Users exercise full control over their DAPPS and other intellectual properties in the Districts ecosystem. By default, all commissioned DAPPS are assigned a designated land parcel in the Districts 3D world. Users can also purchase and trade land arbitrarily for private or public use. Ownership and geographic location of a land parcel in the 3D world are defined by a smart script, localized in the Districts blockchain.

6. How important is the integration of Blockchain technology and why have you chosen to create the 3DCoin Blockchain instead of using say, the Ethereum platform?

The main reason why we created our own blockchain is to be able to host an upgrade 3D application into our special blockchain.

7. What is 3D Coin and what all functions will it serve?

  • 3DCoin is Project Districts own cryptocurrency based on the bitcoin and dash source code. It’s the tool serving as the official medium of transaction in the District’s ecosystem.
  • With 3Dcoin you can program your transactions to perform automated operations, secure delivery or even Schedule payments

8. Will the 3D Coin be mineable and is it POW or POS based? Could you also explain the Coin Blend algorithm?

Yes, the 3Dcoin be mineable and its based-on proof of work

Coin Blend starts from the user’s wallet application where he/she specifies the transaction to be anonymized. The wallet then splits the transaction into standard ‘blendable’ denominations (10, 1, 0.1 and 0.01) before proceeding to randomly match the transaction to a SuperNode which handles the blending process. From here the transaction is placed in a blending queue, where three matches for the standard denominations are found. The SuperNode then casts a readiness alert to three unique wallet applications, and once they respond with confirmation, the Blending session starts.

ICO related Questions

9. I believe the token sale is currently on going. When is the token sale ending and how has the response been so far?

  • The token sale end 31th January
  • The response was really good we go over 3000 contributors and collected 10 Million Dollars

10. Is there a registration process for participating in the main sale?

Yes, you must register to participate in the main sale

11. Are there any bonuses available during the main sale?

We had many Bonuses during the main sale like early birds and 40%, 20% sales

12. I believe the promoters have opted to lock their tokens for a long period. Could you tell our readers the motive behind this?

It’s around 6 months to one year and it’s not a long period to get profit on your investments! It’s a short-term investment.

13. Will the 3D Coins be tradable on exchanges and which ones?

Yes, we are planning to trade 3Dcoin in exchange and we are investigating wish one is the best for our contributors.

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