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1. Hi Brian, could you briefly talk about your professional background and the core team at

I actually have a degree in Psychology, but while working for the department of corrections I found a unique talent in the stock market. I invested a little money, did good, and McGraw-Hill asked me to start blogging and writing books for them. So, my professional background has been as an investor and writer over the last 8 years, and I have roughly 4,000 publications to my name. As for my staff, they are truly talented, hard-working visionaries in what they do. We have a big staff, and have deployed technology around a database that’s taken years to build. Everything we do is well thought out, and executed.

2. The entire concept of AI is extremely intriguing. How important is AI’s role in price analysis and predictions?

It’s extremely important, because it is the only way we can ultimately compete and overtake the duopoly that Bloomberg and Reuters have built with the Bloomberg Portal and Reuters Eikon. Collectively, we are talking about businesses that do $15 billion a year, and charge upwards of $20,000/year per customer. Not everyone can afford such services, but by using AI we can offer competing yet better services, and then upsell with premium products that are truly unique.

3. In continuation to the previous question, could you please talk about the concept of machine learning for our readers?

We have a lot of data. Nearly 5,000,000 data points on 4,500 companies, historical data that falls in 100,000 categories. We then have real time day-to-day data for each of those companies. There are a lot of ties within that data, questions we can answer. Like why did Southwest Air Lines stock price perform so much better than Delta last year? They are essentially the same company, both mature market leaders. Machine learning lets us answer those questions, and when applied to AI, we can do things like predict future revenue with 50% greater accuracy than the teams of highly educated Wall Street analysts who make services like Bloomberg and Reuters so expensive.

4. What are the primary areas, Hade is aiming to disrupt?

There are so many, because it all ties to a network. We will have millions of free users, who become freemium, and thousands of financial institutions and enterprise customers using our services. We can produce research reports in real time with click of button. We can predict future performance better than any investment bank. We have technology that can change the entire media industry with interactive content. Then, we will be the first company to really succeed at scale in new industries like tokenized investment funds.

5. Could you please briefly talk about the different category of services that would be available on the Hade platform?

We have an enterprise HADE Platform for businesses that launched three months ago. That one is doing about $5 million in revenue, and will do $15 million next year. HADE Platform 2.0 for consumers will launch in February with HADE Rewards and HADE Store. Two very different businesses, both great opportunities.

6. What advantages will the blockchain technology provide to the Hade platform over your competitors?

Many, but one specifically is being able to source the origination of data in our database. Reuters and Bloomberg have decades on the job. It’s hard to compete with that regardless of how cheap your services are, because businesses say “how can I trust your data”? Well, blockchain lets us create a secondary database for sourcing that actually creates new models for analysis. We can answer that question with proof, and that’s more than Bloomberg or Reuters can do.

7. I believe will provide ad spaces on its platform, adding value to the platform. Could you please explain how this will work?

We expect 5,000,000 users in three years, but that number could reach 100,000,000. This is a valuable customer base of investors who are all looking for something to buy. So why would we use Google ads with fake clicks and bots? Why not develop an ad platform on blockchain tied to our network where HADE Token is the price of a click, and then license the technology to third parties? That makes more sense to us.

8. Are you guys concerned about the scaling issues Ethereum is facing, especially with the network getting clogged with the Cryptokitties app? Do you think the currently proposed solutions will work?

I am very concerned, because we see there is a real problem. However, it will improve, and for the most part, Ethereum network has been solid. It sure does beat the enterprise software industry’s current status quo. We deal with 6, 7, even 8 figure deals. You can’t swipe a credit card for that. ETH network works best for facilitating these deals, as do smart contracts.

9. Was it important to have a native token on your platform? What all functions will the HADE token perform?

We have more than 20 uses, but one way it is very important to us is HADE Rewards. We need to attract talent and build a network. HADE Token will play a crucial role.

ICO related Questions

10. I believe the token sale is currently on going. How has the response been so far?

It’s been solid. I think our project is very much misunderstood, and we will change that. But to be honest, we will have 500 million HADE Tokens transacted on our platform in just a few short years. That’s half our supply! The ICO serves as a good reference for our customers, but that’s really its intent. I think those who buy HADE Token now will prove themselves very smart, because one thing the ICO community will quickly realize is that valuation matters.

11. Is there a registration process for participating in the main sale?

Of course, we do KYC like all other token sales in this environment, but we have streamlined the proess and made it very simple to participate.

12. Are there any bonuses available during the main sale?

We will be doing a 50% bonus over the next week, and then no bonus thereafter.

13. What is hard cap for the main sale and what is the total token supply?

We have one billion total tokens, and $30 million is the hardcap, but our softcap is only $5 million. We are half way there in just seven days.

14. Will the HADE tokens be tradable on exchanges and which ones?

Yes, we are in discussions with six total exchanges and plan to list the beginning of February, before HADE Platform 2.0 launches.

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