Questions for’s CEO, Egor Gurjev by

1. How is Playkey planning to migrate its current active user base from to ? Will it be done all at once or will it be an ongoing process?

Those, who would like to stay on a current model – will be able to stay where they are now and use as the used to do that today. Those who would like to use decentralized gaming platform – will be welcome on a new decentralized cloud gaming platform.

2. How well has the core team at performed in the last four years of operations?

Perfectly well. Together since 2012, we grew up from no product to an international cloud gaming platform with 3,000,000 users monthly.

3. Are you going to expand your team to include blockchain specialists for setting up the decentralized gaming network?

There is no need now because our own team is well-qualified and is familiar with blockchain technology basing on its own experience. Moreover, a team of high-qualified advisors will enforce our own resources.

4. How does Playkey differentiate itself from its competitors?

There are no direct competitors – we are the first decentralized cloud gaming platform for now.

5. How will associating with a decentralized storage project such as Storj or Siacoin help Playkey?

Nowadays, we are not planning to associate with decentralized storage projects, there is no need for it.

6. As per the WP, the revenue potential for miners on the Playkey blockchain is much higher than mining cryptocurrencies. Could you please elaborate on the expected returns for miners?

We even published the whole article about that – all calculations are here. To know the details click:

7. How would the gamers / users be able to pay for the services on the Playkey platform?

PKT or as is it now – with fiat.

8. What is the Playkey Foundation? What role will it play in the entire Playkey ecosystem?

The Playkey Foundation is a management company within the Playkey Ecosystem. It will be responsible for increasing the platform’s popularity, managing the key rules of the ecosystem, and developing a core strategy. The primary goal of the Foundation is to develop an open gaming ecosystem that users can find value in, and simultaneously supply miners (and other service carriers) with an open and sustainable platform to broaden, deliver, and enhance those services, as well as attract users. The Foundation’s responsibilities will include managing the Playkey Company and financing it for software development needs. The Playkey Company will also do all the negotiations with gaming publishers and will clear all the legal issues to make games available in the system. The Playkey Foundation will direct and fund the development of tools that give ecosystem partners the ability to build, grow, and create value for one another. The Playkey Foundation will further this work by engaging development teams to continue improving the technology suite that supports the Playkey Ecosystem.

9. How will Playkey ensure that all the latest games are made available within the Playkey ecosystem?

There is no insurance. We cooperate legally and directly with most of the gaming publishers. Each new hit that is required for our users is going through the special procedure of implementation to the cloud gaming service. If it is successful – like it is in 90% – then the game appears in the Playkey roster.

10. How will Playkey ensure that gamers are able to get the best quality of gaming experience at competitive prices?

We already have the existing working product that empowers us with the real experience. We do understand what is valuable for video gamers and know how to satisfy their needs. A new model will even scale up our opportunities with the help of p2p and blockchain tool.  Moreover, unified high standards of cloud gaming service (SLA) will be set in the form of a miner-gamer smart contract. And the price will be organically featured with ordinary market rules.

11. How is the Playkey team planning to tackle the congestion problems on the Ethereum network until scaling issues are resolved?

We will use private blockchain for contracts, the details could be clarified in 2-3 months after the ICO ends.

ICO related Questions:

12. Is the PKT token a utility token? Could you explain what are the usages of the PKT token?

PKT is a utility token, it means any PKT holder may use the token to pay for Playkey cloud gaming service (short time rent of Playkey GPU powered servers to play video games); PKT is the only mean to pay for Playkey service, i.e. to have an access to Playkey service user needs to have PKT which he/she transfers to the miner who provides the service (the analogue is internal currency in computer games like gold in World of Tanks, which you need to have, to buy more powerful shells and consumables).

13. What factors will directly affect the price of the PKT token?

Number of tokens is limited, but service demand has a potential for growth => increase of demand for service leads to increase of PKT price on the market and vice versa;

Miners are not obliged to sell PKT tokens immediately after receiving them;

Playkey as a miner and as a licensor of a software solution (miner ought to pay some share of their PKT revenue to Playkey) may absorb supplies of PKT token on the market to decrease its price volatility.

The Playkey Foundation will be working closely with the miner community to recommend the most mutually-beneficial pricing. However, the final pricing decision will be left to the miners themselves. The Foundation’s goal is to build a sustainable business model so that gamers who are unfamiliar with blockchain technologies can experience good quality gaming easily.

14. Who all can participate in the ICO? Are there any restrictions for people from certain countries?

Please, see pre-sale Terms & Conditions.

15. When does the Main sale start and end?

Token sale starts on 1st of November 2017 till the 30th of November 2017.

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