1. For benefit of our readers, could you please tell us about your professional background and about your core team at TWOGAP?

I am an enduring love of emerging technology, and a robust skill set for driving growth and innovation in all my professional pursuits. I lead Twogap with an energy and dynamism that has won me renown in my industry and beyond.
Presently I am hard at work day and night aspiring to change the asset management game with blockchain technology. This work is underpinned by a personal ideology that sees at its core a foundational belief that the future is value management and everything will change to become Value Markets that are unrelated to Capital Markets. Put simply, redefining the truth, as we know it.
This is my mission today, and what I will be hard at work at tomorrow and ever after.

2. For all those, who are not familiar with Twogap, can you please inform about the project and its goals& objectives?

Twogap is the next generation of Crypto with a potential market size of over $127 trillion and provides Cross-exchange Protocol solutions for Bond issuers to efficiently encrypt Bonds to Cryptobonds.

We will describe all key modules of the project in the following single document to make it easier for customers, investors, contributors, researchers, and partners for the better understanding on the insight of the Twogap platform and How it shape tomorrow of Globe Cryptocurrency Market.

Twogap platform was formed to bring Crypto Investors the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss product – CryptoBond.

3. Twogap tokens will be utility tokens as mentioned in your whitepaper. How will you incentivize your buyers who will hold twogap tokens?

For the Twogap token sale, the object of the coin is:

Investor, trader
Crypto Exchange needs to hold a TGT Token to actively activate the Cross-Exchange protocol and pay a TGT Token.
The traditional stock exchange needs to hold a token of TGT token to actively activate the Cross-Exchange protocol
TGT holder
Cross exchange User
Cross-Exchange Alliance Program member
Twogap reserve pool.
Sec – need to hold a TGT tokens to enable Cross-Exchange tracking as a compliance monitor.


For C-Customer: crypto investor, trader, traditional security investor, trader
For B-Customer: Crypto trading platforms, traditional stock exchanges have a need to issue crypto bonds, or crypto’s their existing securities products to use cross-exchange liquidity facilitators. Protocol – which will now benefit from the issuance of crypto bond in order to increase operating capital while benefiting from increased total liquidity, strong crypto market scale growth and robustness. So the top priority will be the Crypto and traditional stock exchanges to form a cross-exchange alliance to form a liquid pool hyperlink that creates a super-liquid for the whole. At the same time, we are launching a massive refill of traditional securities to Crypto Market via pipelines connecting traditional stock exchanges and established and pre-established Crypto Trading Platforms. sieve

4. For our readers, please inform us how does crypto bonds work and will be more effective and viable than tether currencies that are used to stop loss?

CryptoBonds is the key to the answer for how to escape the medium scale trap created by the crypto market during the past nine years to become a mature market with trillion dollar scale in the next few. History will help us put this solution into perspective.

Let’s find out the way Bond has rescued and lifted the security market 300 years ago. Rewind on the history of the stock market. The stock market- humankind’s great discovery of the 17th century- laid the foundation to the development of economical growth on a global scale until today.

 5. Can you please further specify, how twogap will differentiate itself from its competitors and what USP it will bring to the market?

Common motivation – Increase the liquidity of the entire market, get rid of the average scale, get rid of the zero-sum game, get out of the investment, speculation like a game of flaming through the risky hands. Danger is the common motive of all components from individuals to organizations, trading platforms are entering the Crypto market. Sustainable growth is a common motive for all market participants, creating new liquidity for traditional securities products as well as the motivation of investors, traders and stock exchanges to communicate. the system.
Common action: Cross-Liquidity Pool, Cross-Exchange – massive solution – massive actions Market participants, once they have shared the common pain, need to work together to create generalized solutions to improve and reverse the game. Once a system of solutions to the common goal of increasing liquidity and raising capital for the whole market has been identified, it is necessary to immediately implement a series of large-scale, synchronous , highly systematic. The clues are that traditional stock exchanges and cryptocurrency trading platforms are independent liquidity pools, which now need to be allied together to create hyperlinks, hyper liquidity, The school is sustainable enough for the growing ambition of every member of the alliance.
The overall achievement – The liquidity of the entire Crypto Market grows steadily and vigorously, with each member of the alliance increasing sales, profitability, and sustainable growth. The full scale of Crypto will be proportional to the growth rate of membership and rotation speed using the Cross-Exchange Protocol.

6. How do you intend to target and bring to the table the conventional investor market who have been traditionally investing in bonds and stocks?

As there are many uses for tokens on the basis of it, the value will increase. Twogap Platform along with TGT fuel tokens circulating through the Cross-Exchange core protocol is a solid example of this principle. The TGT Token has a variety of uses on the platform and in the core protocol as well as the Business Model of Twogap.

7. Coming to token usage and functionality, can you please in a simple format explain for our readers its importance and its potential as a utility?

Although serving in the securities sector, TGT’s tokens are not securities tokens, they are utility tokens. They are only used to unlock services and transactions on the Twogap platform so that they are not subject to SEC regulations.
It provides an opportunity for users of this platform where customers can access and use Twogap’s technology procedures and not involve any investment concerns. This thus adds an advantage to the buyers of those who are using the service from the Twogap platform and thus meets the Howey test.
In addition, the TGT Token will be released during the sale period of December 2018 and users will be able to receive tokens. This will be done after the start of the beta of the Twogap platform in November 2018 and these TGT tokens will be used for any aspect of the Core Protocol, platform and ecosystem. The TGT Token can become a digital asset in its own right. If this happens, it would be a coincidence for TGT’s utility as a means through which to activate the functionality on the Twogap platform. The owner of the Twogap TGT token will have the right to vote, which will facilitate compliance with legal requirements.

8. Most importantly how do you work with regulations and approvals from SEC and other governments considering it’s a utility token? How does your project fit in with compliances and laws of the land?

June 2018 Declaration.
The token sales in 2016 and 2017 have significantly increased contributions and have not experienced rigorous and focused monitoring by the SEC. By the end of July 2017, the SEC has stated that federal securities laws may apply to some token sales.

If the sale of Twogap token involves the provision of security, the sale of Twogap’s token must be in accordance with the required securities laws or waiver provided. If Twogap’s sale of the token is related to the offering of stock, then Twogap must proceed by first registering with the SEC or otherwise provided in such manner to qualify for exemption from registration.
Breaches of securities laws may result in the cancellation of offers, orders and discontinuances, fines and penalties, the ban on entry into the securities industry, the ban on serving as a director, of a public company, and criminal prosecution.

If the TGT Token provides the buyer a unique opportunity to access, use, and participate in the Twogap technology protocol (similar to purchasing access keys to unlock software installed on the device) and excluding Including any investment interests, the TGT Token may not be classified as securities.

Twogap is not the “issuer” of a security.

Purchasing a TGT token via Ether Payments (or any other form of payment) is not an “investment of money.”

No promises of any profits from the projects in which Twogap’s collective funds are invested (to meet “Prong Enterprises” and “reasonable expectations of profit”) of the test. Howey Test.
Most significant, the future profit of TGT tokens is not dependent on Twogap’s business or management efforts. This will be pleasing because the communities in Twogap ecosystem will bring the necessary effort to create value in the Twogap platform.
The owner of the TGT Token must have the right to influence and vote on and control the management of the Twogap, which translates any conclusion that Twogap’s efforts are “undeniable things, things Significant management efforts affect the failure or success of the business. “There may be no significant involvement of promoters, founders or other central regulators in the management or ongoing operation of the token-selling organization and management control must be effectively implemented. by the tokens.
If the TGT token is deemed unavoidable as a security, the TGT token will need to be provided and sold in the United States to the accredited investor only or be provided and sold only on the side. Outside the United States for non-US people to be exempt from the reach of US stock laws’.
State and foreign law
No promises of any profit earned from projects in which Twogap’s collective funds are invested (in response to “Even if the conclusion is reached, the provision of the TGT token is not The TGT Token may be a securities under state law and / or may be subject to other state laws and the laws of the jurisdiction. Legal aspects outside of the United States “and the” reasonable expectation of profitability “of the Howey test

9. Finally, what made you enter 4th industrial revolution and bring forward twogap?

I got 3 reasons:

  • I have an intense passion for the technological field in general and especially in blockchain research.
  • There are many ICOs that are scam and fake, affecting existing ICOs like us as well as influencing crypto investors. Because of that, we developed Twogap with the purpose of creating an ideal and safe ecosystem for investors to participate in.
  • When crypto market now is controlled by “pump and dump” of sharks, many crypto investors lose their money, even lose it all. With growing doubt about the crypto market nowadays, current investors are likely to exit and new investors are afraid of getting involved in the market. Twogap was formed with the mission of creating a new playground – the Cryptobond market for crypto investors who have lost their confidence in the crypto market, can put the truth in.



1. When does the main sale start and finish?

The main sale will be on set soon, but it’s still on the secret

2. What are the soft and hard caps of the token sale?

Our softcap is $5 Million. We dont have any hard cap.

3. What is the total supply of tokens and percentage of it kept for supporters and founders?

210 billions. 15% for founders and supporters.

4. What are the exchanges you are targeting for trading?

The exchange that i am targeting for trading are: Binance, IDax, Bitforex, Bitmart, Bitbay, Sistemkoin, FUBT, ZBG, alpha-BTC, Dobitrade, Cointiger, tokenstore

5. What is the minimum slab to participate in token sale?

10000 TGT.


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