In the past 36 hours, the cryptocurrency market was ‘slightly bearish’. The market cap dropped by -0.41%. At the time of writing this article, the losses/gains of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: BTC (-0.0%), XRP (+1.18%), ETH (-0.57%), XLM (-1.46%), EOS (-1.36%), LTC (-2.42%), USDT (+1.06%), ADA (-1.5%) and XMR (-3.12%).


Oxfam, a global charity organization has launched a platform driven by Blockchain technology to enhance the traceability and transparency of rice supply chain in Cambodia with the introduction of BlocRice – an app based on distributed ledger technology. (Source: CCN)


According to a report by three global central banks – Bank of Canada, Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore, compiled and collated by KPMG, emerging technologies including the use of Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currencies can the ease of cross-border transactions. (Source: Ethereum World News)


According to a study by Mr. Steven Huckle – a Ph.D. Researcher in Blockchain Technologies at the University of Sussex, Bitcoin’s high energy usage could be a risk worth taking. (Source: Bitnewsbot)


In an official announcement – Mr. Andrew Mac Warner, the Secretary of the state of West Virginia stated reported the success of ‘November General Election’ powered by the Blockchain technology. The voting was done on a mobile, Blockchain-based platform called ‘Voartz’. According to the announcement, approximately 593,900 were cast statewide that is equivalent to 48 percent voter turnout. (Source: SOS. WV. GOV)


Jakarta Futures Exchange announced an expanded MoU with Kinesis Money and Allocated Bullion Exchange. Jakarta Futures seeks to develop an Indonesian based and regulated Blockchain exchange with this partnership using Kinesis technology. (Source: The Blockchain)


According to “Big Four” accounting firm KPMG, Bitcoin is capable to create a new world of finance in future though it’s not a true form of currency yet. Institutionalization of Cryptocurrencies is important to cope up with the challenges. (Source: Cryptonews)


Thailand’s main opposition party, the ‘Democratic Party’ used Blockchain technology to carry out primary elections. The elections were conducted via a live e-voting system powered by the Zcoin Blockchain. (Source: CCN)


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