In the last 36 hours, the market was ‘slightly bullish’; the market cap rose by 1.26%. At the time of writing this article, the losses/gains of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: – BTC (+1.73%), ETH (+0.87%), BCH (-5.66%), XRP (+3.83%), XLM (+0.79%), EOS (-0.57%), LTC (-2.89%), ADA (-0.5%), XMR (+0.81%) USDT (+3.78%).

DASH Text service launched on Nov 5th. DASH Text provides a perfect alternative option for Venezuelans local to do cross-border remittance and instant payments. It provides SMS-based transactions utilizing the digital assets – Dash Text. (Source: ETHEREUM WORLD NEWS)

India’s largest private sector firm – Reliance Industries has successfully participated in its first-ever trade finance transaction utilizing the Blockchain technology with the US-based global chemical distributor – Tricon Energy. The end-to-end ‘live’ transaction was executed over R3’s Corda Blockchain. (Source: CCN)

Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow is the latest celebrity promoting cryptocurrency. She posted a guide on ‘Basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and how to invest in cryptocurrency’ on twitter. In her tweet, she said: “Great piece with @billbarhydt on @goop today.” (Source: TWITTER)

Japan Digital Design said that it has found the information about the attackers behind the $60 million hack of the Japanese crypto exchange Zaif. In late September, when the stolen funds started moving, the experts were able to identify the source of the attack. (Source: JAPAN D2)

According to a report by a Blockchain testing platform – Whiteblock, EOS is not a Blockchain but a distributed homogeneous database management system. (Source: PRNEWSWIRE)

An 18-year old boy from Uttar Pradesh, India made calls to US FBI threatening to blow the Miami airport. He lost $1000 worth of Bitcoin to a US-based fraudster. The boy called FBI for at least 50 times, after which he made threat calls because of not receiving any help from the FBI, said by the local police. (Source: HINDUSTAN TIMES)

In September, the popular decentralized exchange (DEX) – Bancor, announced that it will make a bridge between the Ethereum and EOS Blockchain. BancorX, the new platform is live now; it allows token conversion between 110+ Ethereum and EOS digital assets. (Source: CCN)

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