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cryptocentral February 17, 2018



A review of the TBIS website, white paper (WP) and encompassing information was conducted by the team from CryptoCentral.io (CC). This process is going to speed the process of the ICO by becoming officially certified by the CC team, with our stamp of approval.

By being ICO certified, potential investors will have the confidence they need to know that the ICO information has been studied, and a thorough investigation into the ICO was conducted. By showing the stamp of ICO certified, it will give extra credibility to the team, and entice investors to trust the team.

The investigation was conducted with utmost care, and is understood to be above what the average investor would conduct during a due-diligence investigation. All information from the website, WP, and provided information is taken as true and factual.


In the recent years blockchain technologies have revolutionized businesses and industries all over the world. With each passing day the uses for blockchain become more apparent, and the more they become apparent, the more uses are found for the technology. To summarize a great quote about the modern business world, some of the most influential companies in certain markets, do not have any of the products for which they are the leaders of.

In this same way, Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) is aiming to become the leading provider of “business as a service”. Their team has experience in all aspects of business and their focus will be on assisting new ICOs to get their project launched through the use of virtual machines.

The TBIS has almost two centuries of combined business and startup experience. With this knowledge they are building a protocol that will be enable the ICOs and startups to jumpstart their projects. Since most startups are lacking in the business experience sector, TBIS will be offering their expertise as a turnkey service.

Their platform will allow new ICOs to quickly and easily create tokens, build legal frameworks, and host virtual machines for them to work on. With these technologies, the team of the project will be able to focus on bringing their project to life.

As mentioned on their website, this technology will not just apply to new projects and ICOs, it can be worked into a variety of different areas. People and businesses all over will be able to benefit from their decentralized business solutions. All aspects of business creation and development will be covered, and TBIS is positioning itself to be the go-to for all forms of “business as a service” needs.

White Paper Review

The WP reviewed was TBIS Whitepaper, Version 1.7 published November 13th, 2017

No information or consideration will be given concerning grammar or spelling, unless it is extreme.

One of, if not the, most crucial pieces of information that an ICO can give potential investors is their White Paper (WP). It is of utmost important to have a clear, concise, and professional WP. With this document the company will have the opportunity to get their message across to the readers, and convince them that the project has merit and is worthy of receiving their investment funds.

The WP for TBIS is well written and covers most of the important aspects of the company, and the ICO.

The executive summary is well put together and the bullet point format emphasizes the most important points from the company itself and the whitepaper.

The beginning portion of the WP discusses its partnership with the existing consulting firm EHI. This is a great piece of information because it shows that the team behind TBIS is already experienced and can handle extremely high profile clients such as PayPal, Walt Disney, and many others. With high value clients, the company will be able to drive token holder value which is exactly what potential investors want to see.

One of the important information that should be added to the WP is about the TBIS team. This information is available on the website, however, having it in the WP is advantageous and readers will want a one stop shop experience.

The information regarding the company incorporation and legal entity is available on the website and should also be included in the WP itself. As was previously mentioned, the WP should encompass everything about the company and project, and be a single document explanation of everything that TBIS is and does.

The explanations of the services that will be provided by TBIS is in-depth and covers the general concepts. Each section gives a good example of how the process will work, and a real world example.

The general overview of the WP is great to allow users who may not have much technical background to easily understand the platform. However, the things that are claimed in the WP will undoubtedly require a large amount of technical knowhow. Including sections that show the more in-depth details will be of interest to some users. Being able to showcase that the team fully understands how to build the platform from a coding aspect will only instill confidence with potential investors.

The WP is concise and to the point. Overall it is well put together and covers most of the important parts of the ICO. If possible, adding some graphs and figures will aid users to fully understand the concepts that are discussed in the WP. This will especially help those readers who may not have the level of English comprehension that is required to fully understand the document.

Business Key Products

TBIS infrastructure aims to be the one stop shop for projects and ideas to incorporate and build their company. They will offer complete turn-key solutions to take a company from idea to incorporation.

Their platform will be intuitive and easy to follow and understand. By having their company streamlined and decentralized they will be able to offer their services at very competitive prices. As TBIS claims, with their platform a group of people will be able to create an ICO out of their idea from the comfort of their own home.

With their blockchain distributed technology they will be able to offer complete IT enterprise solutions. With this companies will be able to have all of the technological side of their business hosted via the blockchain.

Their list of business solutions they offer are: Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Company as a Service, CryptoEscrow, Bring Your Own Cloud, DEXchange, and Instant ICO Incubator (III).

Each of the products is explained in detail in the WP, and should be referenced.

From the names of the services alone, it is obvious that TBIS will be the go-to for any sort of service that is needed by a company. As an example for this would be for an ICO to use their Company as a Service protocol to become incorporated. Once they are incorporated, they can use the Instant ICO Incubator, which will perform due diligence work on the project, and then run a full protocol of marketing and promoting. A final step will be to leverage their CryptoEscrow service for the ICO, and then get listed on the DEXchange.

This is just the beginning of how the infrastructure will be able to be used. The team is designing and building the infrastructure that will allow the users bring their business ideas to life thanks to decentralized blockchain technologies.

Team Review

After reading the WP, the next place that potential investors will closely scrutinize is the project team. It is imperative that the team information is accurate, up to date, and all information is readily available.

An in-depth review of the team was conducted in order to identify any potential weakness in the presentation or areas of concern. Investors will want to see that the team has the past experience, and strategic partnerships in order to fulfill the promises in the WP, and deliver on the milestones set forth in the road map.

According to the website, the team has over two centuries of combined business experience. This experience is the driving force behind them being able to understand and offer services that future startups will need.

The President and CEO of TBIS is also the founder of EHI. EHI is an extremely successful technology and consulting firm that specializes in enterprise infrastructure and management. Seizing the opportunities provided by Blockchain technologies, TBIS was created as an offshoot from EHI in order to provide solutions to the issues that the EHI firm has discovered.

Their team consists of experienced coders, programmers, marketing managers, and community managers. An indepth look at the Executive team and Advisors is below in order to highlight the leadership of the project.

Having the LinkedIn information is great for the team and the advisors. However, putting more information on the homepage will be of benefit. It is important to drive home that the team is skilled and capable of delivering. Having a few sentences about the key strengths of each team member, so that readers do not have to do digging through LinkedIn is advised.

The statements of how Michael Stollaire is bringing his experience from a previous successful consulting firm is excellent. In the same fashion, information regarding the key strengths and value other team members bring from past experiences should be highlighted.

An area of the team that appears to be lacking, simply due to lack of information on the website, is Legal counsel in the form of an advisor or member of the team. It is very important to provide this information so that potential investors know and understand how the team is already preparing for all the legal ramifications of their project. Providing information about the team’s Legal counsel is advised.

Executive team:

  • Michael Stollaire: Michael is the Founder and CEO of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services. He holds a degree from Syracuse University. He has been involved in business and enterprise for a majority of his career. In addition to being the Founder and CEO of TBIS he is the Founder and CEO of EHI-INSM. EHI is an enterprise infrastructure and management consulting company. With this extensive experience, he is bringing what he has learned from his almost two decades at EHI into the blockchain world in order to provide the business solutions that are needed in today’s ICO marketplace.
  • Richard Silver: Richard is the COO and Marketing Manager for TBIS. His previous work experience includes being CEO at Out of the Box Computers, and working within the IT department of the University of Oregon. He has extensive experience in areas such as server management, Drupal maintenance, cross system and browser testing, and critical systems support, to name a few.
  • Christopher Snook: Christopher is the CTO for the TBIS Company. He holds degrees from Louisiana State University, and an MBA from the American Intercontinental University. He has extensive experience in all things IT and infrastructure. His past experience includes being a high ranking Cloud Architect for Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. In addition to this strong IT background he brings practical startup experience as he is the CEO of Obfusgate Cloud Services in Washington State.


  • Vincent Fullerton: Vincent is the only mentioned Technical Advisors on the TBIS website. He has held many high level executive leadership positions in IT related business, and he is currently a Director at Veteris.

Website and Social Media Review

The website for the TBIS project was visited and inspected on November 13th, 2017.

Having a clean and professional website is absolutely critical to impressing potential investors who are investigation your project. The website is the visual, and written representation of the company as a whole, if the website is not up to par, potential investors will leave without a second look back.

The website for TBIS is very well put together and easy to read and understand. It highlights the important portions of the ICO, and most relevant information is there.

One of the best ways to keep interaction with potential investors is through the use of a newsletter. At the bottom of the website there is a “Contact Us” form, however this is usually not enough to get users email addresses. Having an area towards the top of the webpage will quickly gather the attention of readers and have them sign up.

There is a section that discusses the pre-sale, however, the link is not extremely well marked. Drawing as much attention to the presale as possible is advised in order to secure early adopters and investors. Having the pre-sale and newsletter registration in the same area would help to drive traffic to the pre-sale information portal as well as have people sign up to receive updates.

*Update: Since it was observed that the pre-sale has started, and now the link is absolutely visible when one opens the website, the above mentioned suggestion be implemented for the main sale.

One of the strongest correlations to the success of a project is the community behind it. While the TBIS ICO is not scheduled to start for some time, it is extremely important to begin building the community now. Having the links at the bottom of the page is fine, but should be highlighted as the place to engage and connect with the project and team.

All of the expected social media platforms are there, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc. there is a Bitcointalk thread available, however it is not often visited or posted in. Partnering with an agency to drive community interest is advisable. Another aspect of the ICO announcement thread on Bitcointalk would be to have a graphic designer create colorful and eye catching graphics in order to draw people’s attention.

Technical Discussion

The business model behind the TBIS project is to be a complete solution for IT and business related enterprises. They are going to provide a number of “X as a Service” modules which will be useful for everybody from crypto currency miners, to new ICO projects, to small companies looking to offshore some IT infrastructure.

The general overview of the modules and systems is well put together, however they are missing the in-depth analysis that some people may wish to see.

Similar to how AWS has decentralized web hosting (and then subsequently recentralized it), TBIS will use the blockchain to decentralize a myriad of services. What follows is a description of some of the services offered. For a complete list see the WP and website.

  • Infrastructure as a Service: The infrastructure will be a distributed network of computers that will radically replace the current system of individual hardware servers for hosting. It aims to replace the current hardware based networking systems to a distributed system.
  • Company as a Service: The goal of this module is to allow somebody to create and incorporate a legal entity quickly and easily. The entire wizard will be able to guide users through all of the process saving both time and money.
  • CryptoEscrow: CryptoEscrow will be a platform that will revolutionize buying and selling. The process will automate transaction between people when using crypto currencies. By having a smart contract in place, the only way each person will get what they seek is to fulfill their end of the bargain.
  • Instant ICO Incubator (III): The III will be a complete ICO marketing and launch system. The team will perform due diligence and, give a stamp of approval, taking the time and energy needed for investors to vet a company themselves.

Economic Evaluation

An economic prediction is always the most difficult portion of an ICO investigation. The best way to compare the economic evaluation for a project is to look at how (if any) competitors have done in the sector, and then to look at some of the big players in the sector they will be breaking into. A price prediction cannot be made, but evaluations on other factors may be used to give a sense of the chances of success.

One of the main driving forces behind the success of the TBIS platform is its already established clientele via EHI consulting. Being the blockchain version of the consulting firm the team and project already have established relationships with large name clients throughout the world and business sectors.

The team behind the TBIS project is experienced and have over two centuries of combined business experience. Having a very experienced leadership team is crucial to the financial success of the company.

One of the modules that will be offered by TBIS is their “Company as a Service” with this they will allow users to create a company, and perform all legal aspects of incorporation from the privacy of their own home. A comparison can be made against LegalZoom.com which offers a similar service, and had a revenue of $200 million in 2014.

Some of the most profitable business in the crypto world are the exchanges. Two of the leading exchanges are Bittrex and Poloneix. When analyzed, Bittrex has over 200,000, and Poloneix has almost 150,000 bitcoin volume in a 24 hour time frame. As one can see, having a Decentralized Exchange, like how TBIS is planning on creating, will have the opportunity to generate a massive amount of revenue; if they are able to achieve a high volume rate through the platform.

Finally, the largest comparison will be for the “cloud” aspect of the project. The biggest cloud based web service provider is Amazon. In Q2 2017, they generated over $900 million in revenues from this portion of the business alone.

It is very apparent that the TBIS platform will be entering into markets that have very high volumes, and is big business. If the team is able to succeed in capturing market share in their described areas, the long term viability of the project seems positive. However, the entire success of the project will hinge on people actually using their platform.

SWOT Analysis


One of the main strengths for the TBIS is their team. The combined business experience of their executive team is over 200 years. With this extreme knowledge of business, they will be able to navigate any situation that arises. Along with their team, they will be having the backing of the EHI Company. The TBIS will be the blockchain version of the EHI Company, bringing “X as a Service” to the crypto world. They have identified and are going to be tackling some of the main issues that are encountered by ICOs and blockchain startups.


The largest weakness of the project will be its utility. If consumers do not choose to use their platform, the company will not be able to generate revenue. There are also a number of “X as a Service” companies that are currently working. They will be breaking into a market that has some competition. If the crypto community does not rally behind the team and use their platform, the chances of the team being successful is not high.


An opportunity that the team has is their association with the EHI consulting firm. As was explained in the WP, EHI will be able to provide clients that may be interested in blockchain technologies. These are not small name companies, and would be able to provide the cliental needed to generate income. The experience of the team, and association with a well-known consulting firm will greatly aid in the projects success.


The main threat to the platforms success will be from its competitors. As was discussed in the WP and this report, other main “cloud” service providers could offer a similar solution and then run a campaign against blockchain. Blockchain technology is still new and slowly gaining acceptance as a real technological revolution, but as people are slow to adept and accept the new technologies it could be trouble for this specific sector. “X as a Service” are starting to take off in the blockchain world, however, with some hesitancy from the main public.


As is apparent in many industries and sectors, blockchain is revolutionizing the way business is done. Just how “cloud” based applications were a previous step forward in business technology, moving onto the blockchain will be the next step forward in advancement.

The team at TBIS is experienced, and has a solid lineup of people to cover the aspects of the business they are going to be going after. From what is available on their LinkedIn profiles, and on the website, they are very serious about the project and intend on taking it to the forefront of “X as a Service” blockchain technology.

Their website and WP are well designed and written with just a few areas to be improved before their ICO sale. There is plenty of time for these changes to be made.

The team will not have first mover advantage in some of the areas they are breaking into, however, as they are a branch off of an existing consulting firm they will be able to bring a lot of clientele. Their sister company has been established and successfully run for almost two decades, which will prove invaluable for the project as it moves this same sort of business style onto the blockchain.

As was previously discussed, the biggest hurdle the team will face is use and acceptance of their platform. If the community and business at large do not use their platform they will be unable to run a profitable business. However, their ties with EHI should alleviate this risk to some extent.

Overall, the project aims to solve a number of issues that are currently hindering the growth of the ICO world, namely business startup and incorporation, and project incubation. These will most likely be the two largest portions of their business, as they have the experience and knowledge to guide startups from concept to being a full blown company.

Disclaimer:  This is not an investment advice. It is of paramount importance that everyone should do his or her own due diligence before investing in any product, platform, tokens etc. Cryptocentral.io does not endorse any content or product published on this page. Our aim is to simply provide all the readers with the latest information in the field of cryptocurrency / blockchain industry that might be of interest to our readers.


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