Popular Thai actor Jiratpisit Jaravijit and his two siblings have pleaded not guilty to charges of defrauding a Finnish crypto investor. The three were charged before the Criminal Court of Bangkok with fraud, and after pleading not guilty, the presiding judge set December 24 for the next hearing. The presiding prosecutors accused the three of convincing a Finnish investor to invest in three separate projects, after which they took the money and invested in other projects.

The Alleged Scam

Jaravijit, the 27-year-old actor popularly known as Boom, was charged with his two siblings, Prinya and Supitcha. According to the charges, the three siblings, together with six other co-accused, lured a Finnish investor into investing in three ventures but made away with the money.

The accused allegedly contacted 21-year-old Finnish investor Otava Saarimaa in June last year with the lucrative investment opportunities. Convinced, Otava sent them $24 million worth of Bitcoin to invest in three ventures. Part of the investment was to go to buying shares in Expay Software Company, the other part was to buy Dragon Coin tokens which they assured him would shoot to the moon and the last bit was to go to buying shares in DNA 2002 Company.

After he sent the bitcoins into their wallets, they transferred the money to different accounts and then went on to sell it. The three then made a number of investments with the proceeds.

According to Thai national outlet, The Bangkok Post, Boom spent part of the proceeds buying land in an affluent Bangkok neighborhood in October. His elder brother Prinya also purchased land in November in Bangkok, with Boom’s sister Supitcha accused of making other investments with the money.

After the authorities investigated the issue, they went on to arrest Boom and his sister Supitcha in August. They were released on bail of 2 million baht ($60,000) each shortly after. At the time, Supitcha claimed that while she did use the money, she had no idea that it had been gained from illegal means and that she was ready to return it if asked.

Prinya, who is the eldest of the trio decided to run after authorities went looking for him. He first moved to South Korea after which he traveled to the U.S. After several requests to present himself to the authorities, he was threatened with Visa cancelation after which he returned to Thailand. He was immediately arrested and held in the Bangkok Remand Prison where he still sits awaiting the trial which is scheduled for December 24.

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