In the last 36 hours, the market was ‘slightly bullish’; the market cap rose by 0.04%. At the time of writing this article, the losses/gains of the top ten cryptocurrencies were: – BTC (+0.12%), ETH (-0.34%), BCH (-0.01%), XRP (-1.46%), XLM (-2.01%), EOS (-0.71%), LTC (-0.37%), ADA (-0.65%), XMR (-1.77%), USDT (+0.05%).

A recent ban by RBI on crypto, has forced a renowned crypto exchange – Zebpay to halt its trading in its home country of operations – India and move its operations to Malta. This move was predicted by many crypto enthusiasts. Earlier in September, the company announced that it is halting all its exchange services. (Source: ETHEREUM WORLD NEWS)

New generation Stablecoins like TrueUSD (TUSD), Circle Coin, (USDC), etc. are all based on Ethereum Blockchain network. All of these stablecoins guarantee their consumers a 1:1 ratio when redeeming their tokens. This is due to the fact, that of all of these stablecoins are fully audited, regulated and transparent, allowing them to obtain stable banking services. (Source: CCN)

Bitcoin prices are struggling to stay above USD 6,400. Likewise, Ethereum pricing are holding at USD 200, but still receiving a lot of offers near the USD 210 levels. (Source: CRYPTO NEWS)

A Blockchain start-up named ‘DexFreight’ is developing a platform for Freight transportation using RootStock (RSK). They recently announced the successful delivery of a shipment of frozen food from Medley to Sunrise in Florida. DexFreight uses Bitcoin smart contracts rather than commonly used Ethereum smart contracts. The payment was automated to the carrier, Arel Trucking. (Source: CCN)

Medici Ventures, the Blockchain division of has announced a $6million Series A investment in the crypto social network – Minds. This was followed by the joining of Patrick M. Byrne, the CEO and founder of as Minds board of directors. Patrick Byrne said “There has been increasing excitement in recent years over the power of Blockchain technology to liberate individuals and organizations,” he also added “Minds’ work employing blockchain technology as a social media application is the next great innovation towards the mainstream use of this world-changing technology.(Source: THE BLOCKCHAIN)

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